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a follower of Andrew Jackson or his ideas

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The complete set consists of the Jacksonian Democrats following the Whig presidents (James K.
foreign policy issues, but as a Jacksonian, the actual threshold for getting involved is much higher than for Obama.
Palin represents not the return of the Buchanan Brigades but, as Daniel Larison has said, the "recreation of the Bush II coalition" of Jacksonian Protestants and neoconservatives.
Neo-Marxists of the Frankfurt School or of the Gramscian persuasion have insisted that political parties in the Jacksonian era served less as vehicles for specific policies or political programs than as networks of ethnic and religious clans.
The other strand, by contrast, which Lieven dubs Jacksonian nationalism, consists of "a diffuse mass of identities and impulses, including nativist sentiments on the part of America's original white population, the particular culture of the white South, and the beliefs and agendas of ethnic lobbies.
Editor Carey provides a careful and comprehensive introduction to situate the reader in the political and ideological landscape of Jacksonian America.
On the other, in part through the influence of Charles Sellers' 1991 volume The Market Revolution: Jacksonian America, 1815-1846, attention was switched from rural societies to a broader, national canvas and the concept of a "market revolution" in this period fixed in contemporary historical discourse.
With these ideals embodied in a common reverence for the Union and support of the Constitution, the new nation used nationally-based political parties to negotiate disagreements over economic policies (banks, tariffs) and political practices (federal authority versus states rights) well into the Jacksonian era.
The second chapter in particular takes up a number of themes that influenced Justice Field's thinking, including the political intrigues of California, the influence of Jacksonian thinking about economic power, the making of rough-and-tumble law in the mine fields, the interaction of Mexican and American laws with respect to land, and issues of race, immigration, and the meaning of "free labor.
As Mead wrote in January 2017, "Many Jacksonians came to believe that the American establishment was no longer reliably patriotic, with 'patriotism' defined as an instinctive loyalty to the well-being and values of Jacksonian America.
Professor Logel also discusses the inherent tensions between Thayer's narrow view of a curriculum focused on military engineering and the public clamor of the Jacksonian era for West Point to graduate engineers trained in civil engineering.
12 (1880) A steamboat named the Oliver Clifton, owned by Jacksonian Jones S.
Inskeep and others, who first began to connect the Jacksonian phenomenon
He maintains that "it was the self-proclaimed enemies of central government and public indebtedness, politicians in the Jeffersonian and Jacksonian antistatist tradition, who made the most extensive use of the federal government and its capacity to raise money in order to realize policy objectives" (14).