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United States baseball player

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This is much more than a coming-ofage story or a Jackie Robinson story.
Petersburg demonstrating America's diversity in a way that Jackie Robinson only dreamed of when he became the first man to integrate baseball.
Breaking Ground: How Jackie Robinson Changed Brooklyn, by Alan Lelchuk, uses both memoirist and historian eyes to examine a baseball great.
Late last year, the organization said it was confident that there were no violations of residency regulations after investigating allegations made by an official from a suburban Chicago league that some of Jackie Robinson West's players live in suburbs with already-established Little League teams.
He had the liberty to write on any topic that suited his fancy, and Beyond Home Plate: Jackie Robinson on Life After Baseball uses these columns to portray Robinson on his own terms and highlight his own convictions.
Beyond Home Plate: Jackie Robinson on Life After Baseball includes dozens of Robinson's columns, producing a self-portrait of the Hall of Fame ballplayer that is as revealing as anything found in the biographies and autobiographies about him.
And while the movie, gestures and tributes are fitting and important, we are left to contemplate: Who is the next Jackie Robinson, and in what arena will they operate?
Some 80 high school and college students from across the country have been invited to the event, which will include a discussion about the movie, Jackie Robinson and the inspirational themes from his life, the White House said.
Pictures and Legendary Pictures supporting the upcoming movie release of 42, the powerful story of legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson, who broke baseball's color barrier in the late 1940s.
It's the long-delayed biopic (and he has always wanted to write "biopic" in a story for some reason; that's one more word off the bucket list) of Jackie Robinson, who broke baseball's color barrier when he debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers in April 1947.
Twenty-eight-year-old Jackie Robinson made his debut as first baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers on opening day against the Boston Braves, and America's pastime was officially no longer segregated.
In 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first African-American player in major-league baseball, which had been segregated until then.
Embassy in Santo Domingo arranged a softball game that honored baseball legend and civil rights trailblazer Jackie Robinson.
On Jackie Robinson Day: "42 is Beyond a Number" TV Ad (http://bizofbaseball.