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a hammer driven by compressed air

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The surest way to decide whether to use a sledgehammer or a jackhammer is to experiment a few days before you begin full-scale demolition.
The rescue teams used cranes, jackhammers and sniffing dogs to locate the bodies.
Instead, especially on a Bank Holiday weekend, throwing open wide your window is like sharing a corrugated iron shed with a jackhammer.
In any other setting, the prospect of three 13-year-old boys toting jackhammers most likely would be cause for alarm.
Everyday noise from engines, compressors, jackhammers, shop equipment, power generators and artillery fire injures your hearing over time.
But jauntiness rears its head in the form of one-armed cartwheels, all to the urban sounds of dripping water and jackhammers.
After that, the officials "took jackhammers to her home and to the homes of two of her relatives, destroying them, again in an effort to try to get her to come forward and kill her unborn child," he said.
A three-person crew used jackhammers to remove the built-up oxide, and, as a result, much of the refractory material came off with the oxide, forcing the crew to add $5000 worth of repair materials to the walls of the furnace.
Drilling before maintenance is needed has averaged 1,200 m, three times the South African average for pneumatic jackhammers in South Africa.
and] overweight construction workers who operate pneumatic jackhammers.
Atlas Copco's HardHat(TM) compressors provide a reliable source of compressed air to drive pneumatic tools such as chipping hammers and jackhammers.
In addition to the five Northeast stadiums and arenas, Harvard's recent acquisition of Elite Maintenance based in Chicago added two additional Illinois stadium cleaning contracts to their roster: Silver Cross Field, home of the Joliet Jackhammers, and Alexian Field, home of the Schaumburg Flyers, both of the independent Northern League.
ACTON - With jackhammers, mallets and elbow grease, Vasquez High students battled the desert wind and sun to beautify their campus - a muted display of endurance and defiance at a school composed only of tents and portable trailers.
I've been in this business my whole life and have used jackhammers and concrete saws on manhole projects.
The rock surface was then broken by jackhammers, and equal amounts of the resultant loose material were collected from within each panel to ensure representative sampling of the outcrop.