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Synonyms for jackass

Synonyms for jackass

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

male donkey


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In a conversation last week, she made it clear she is looking for sprightly comedy to fill this gap--she's even doing a sequel to "Jack-ass," and that truly displays a resolute appetite for laughs.
4 THE JACK-ASS: Bruce plays an Irish travelling salesman who is mistaken for a renegade IRA hitman.
Fairchild,(1) was originally published as 'ADDRESS TO A YOUNG JACK-ASS, AND / IT'S TETHER'D MOTHER, / IN FAMILIAR VERSE', by 'S.
Perhaps predictably, knockabout physical comedy plays best to the all-ages audiences, with the outright hysteria provoked by "Jack-ass" perhaps being exceeded only by the unalloyed ecstasy produced by the Three Stooges short "Some More of Samoa," a South Seas tale which not coincidentally spins on cannibalism, a common Fijian practice not all that long ago.
But neds are making an impact and true fans want to swiftly boot out these jack-asses.
But neds are making an impact and true fans want to boot out these Jack-asses.