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For example, a pack beginning with the jack of spades would mean the Dalai Lama standing at the first point on my route-my bed.
Question: Your song, "Jack of Spades," was a hit in the Keenan Ivory Wayans movie, "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka." Where'd you get the inspiration?
You hold:West AK 643 Q10932 KJ7East Q8 AJ109 J87 AQ86You play in three no trumps on the lead of the jack of spades. How do you play?
Suffice to say that the Fuzzies are all one-eyed cards: the king of diamonds, the jack of spades, and the jack of hearts, and they are wild.
On a flop of the Six of spades, Jack of spades and the Six of diamonds he lost the hand when the other player hit his flush on the river.
She writes warning that a harmful person has cast a spell on you and, unless you destroy the Jack of Spades playing card she has sent you, it will ruin your existence.
The letter claims to be from a fortune-teller and astrologer called 'Samantha' and includes a Jack of Spades card - allegedly the symbol of 'disaster, loneliness, horror, and sentimental and financial failure.' It warns that unless the person who gets the letter rips the card into four pieces and posts it back to an address in Austria - together with a payment of pounds 10 - their life will be wrecked by a curse carried by the card.
Seamus Durack was seen at his most confident aboard Nick Williams' He's The Biz, as he brought the six-year-old with an immaculately timed run to score going away from Jack Of Spades for the novice handicap chase.
Trainer Robin Dickin demonstrated his good eye for a bargain when he purchased Jack Of Spades for 16,000gns.
Robin Dickin has his string in good form and Jack of Spades could be another winner for him in the Wetherby Racecourse & Conference Centre Novices' Handicap Chase.
You must keep the ace and jack of spades in hand and so must ruff in dummy.
The flop came down 9 of hearts, 10 of clubs, Jack of spades, Braces checked and Fud bet 2,000.
Jacob, who is to have his first Cheltenham Festival ride on Free Gift in Friday's Foxhunter Chase, gave a polished display of timing on Richard Mitchell's gelding as the combination got the better of a ding-dong battle with Jack Of Spades by a length.
You must ruff with ten or jack of spades! You can then ruff the third round of diamonds and advance the nine of spades, leaving the lead in dummy when South refuses to cover.