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small evergreen tropical tree native to Brazil and West Indies but introduced into southern United States

tough-skinned purple grapelike tropical fruit grown in Brazil

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The lack of knowledge concerning the production and feeding potential of jabuticaba still results in its low use.
Given the above, this study aimed to model the drying kinetics and determine the thermodynamic properties of jabuticaba peel at different drying air temperatures.
Alcoholic extracts: Only there was a significant reduction in conidia viability with the use of the jabuticaba and guava plants extracts (Table 1).
Another up-and-coming ingredient, Jabuticaba is native to southeastern Brazil.
Gilberto's singing is so evocative that while listening you can practically taste the juicy white fruit of the jabuticaba tree.
A materia-prima utilizada na producao de destilados (cachaca ou aguardente) no Brasil e quase totalmente a cana-de-acucar, no entanto outras materias-primas, tais como mandioca, milho, cevada, uva, laranja, manga, jabuticaba, etc.
Seguem-se os nomes dessas frutas na ordem em que foram apresentadas, na folha, em duas colunas de seis figuras cada: pinha, roma, caju, goiaba, figo, morango, pera, limao, ameixa, jabuticaba, abacaxi e mamao.
She brought with her a bag of jabuticaba fruit that she had picked off a tree on her way home.
La gente decia: "La economia de Brasil es como jabuticaba [una fruta que solo crece en ese pais], solo funciona en Brasil".
Rio de Janeiro, RJ: Senac Rio Edirora; Sao Paulo, Brazil: Jabuticaba, 2006.
A favourite of Britney Spears, it's packed with such fascinating ingredients as Eden's Mist, orange flower templar, Brazilian jabuticaba fruit, orchid and zebrano wood.
2) Plantas--abacaxi, capim, carnauba, cipo, imbuia, ipe, jabuticaba, jacaranda, jequitiba, mandioca, peroba, pitanga, sape, taquara e tiririca.