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a set of standards adopted by the moving pictures experts group for the compression of digital video and audio data or a file of data compressed according to those standards

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Conversion of VSF TR-01 and other JPEG 2000 over MPEG2-TS formats to HDMI
JPEG 2000 gives out packetized byte stream as its output.
Intuitively, for the increasing-type distortions such as JPEG 2000, JPEG, and fast fading, SSP should generate positive correlation values since the better image quality is from the larger distortion parameter, while the DMOS and NODS have negative values in both PLCC and SROCC.
JPIP provides a bridge across this growing chasm with an advanced, standards-based solution, and leverages the inherent strengths of JPEG 2000 compression.
To take advantage of JPEG 2000, web designers will need a plug-in for either an Internet Explorer or Netscape browser.
Support for MrSID, JPEG 2000 and Geospatial PDF source formats ensures the highest visual quality regardless of device or bandwidth.
File Formats TIF, JPG, PDF, DWF, CALS, BMP, JPEG-2000, JPEG 2000 extended
Ross Video and Embrionix have jointly announced that they will be showing openGear modules that provide SMPTE ST-2022- 2/ TR-01 compliant, JPEG 2000 (J2K) over IP transport using new EmbrionixJ2K decoder Small Form Factor Pluggable Transceiver (SFP) technology.
The Ventura VS901 JPEG 2000 compression series now compresses 3G as well as HD-SDI/SD-SDI with no blocking, tiling or motion dependence.
2 includes several new features that have been requested by the installed base of TIMS customers, including audio recording and annotation (especially for speech pathology), audio playback, audio recording to CD/DVD, file attachment, editing of saved studies, TIF & JPEG 2000 file import (in addition to the current BMP, AVI, JPG, & PNG), DICOM send lists, study editing improvements and other general workflow enhancements.
The two organisations are reportedly studying the potential of using the JPEG 2000 format in large repositories of digital cultural heritage materials such as those contained in the Library and other US federal agencies.
WebCCTV-3 supports JPEG, JPEG 2000, MPEG-4, WM 7,8,9 or any other WM compatible codecs.
And with the addition of natively supporting the JPEG 2000 codec, customers can package sequences for easy versioning and archiving, as well as scale sequences to meet the needs of multiple generational content passes--without media degradation.
Nevion arrives at CABSAT, fresh from receiving a Technical and Engineering Emmy award for its role in the standardisation and productisation of JPEG 2000 (J2K) interoperability -- the high-quality video compression technology widely used by broadcasters across the world.
RAW images should be delivered in TIFF and JPEG 2000 format.