John Kenneth Galbraith

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United States economist (born in Canada) who served as ambassador to India (born in 1908)

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What is the point of having more social housing when communities might lack the services and infrastructures around health, education, employment and leisure that JK Galbraith referred to as essential for the avoidance of private affluence and public squalor?
Harking back to JK Galbraith's words, just as people think every boom will last for ever, so they convince themselves that every downturn is going to be both eternal and terminal.
As JK Galbraith remarked many years ago: "The process that banks use to create money is so simple that the mind is repelled."
Everyone bets pounds 1, everyone puts my name in his or her square, I win and everyone is bought a drink out of the "winnings" (not even JK Galbraith could explain the economics, but I bet David Cameron wishes he knew the secret).
In that decade US economist JK Galbraith's phrase "private affluence and public squalor" could've been coined for our country.
(to control the rate of inflation) that gave JK Galbraith most satisfaction.
In his call for the more humane agenda of the "Good Society", economist JK Galbraith highlighted this division as the current economic and political alignment.
While the words of the late JK Galbraith undoubtedly ring true ( that one of the great mysteries of the stock market is that for every seller there is a buyer ( the way in which derivatives trading has expanded suggests that at times of uncertainty wild swings will result as professional managers endeavour to position themselves appropriately.
Known throughout his career as JK Galbraith, he is a former adviser to several presidents.