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a transistor in which most current flows in a channel whose effective resistance can be controlled by a transverse electric field

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In this design, a Silicon MOSFET is combined with a SiC JFET in one package.
The differential JFET input stage with a 200 [ohms] differential output resistance is ac-coupled to a low-noise, low-distortion, wide-bandwidth amplifier.
The CIB RS-485 protocol includes a timestamp in each transaction, which the SiC JFET uses to determine when to initiate a curve trace.
The AD8641 low power, rail-to-rail output JFET amplifier offers high input impedance, precision performance, and low cost.
The self-biased JFET complementary source-follower to the right of the folded cascode is of traditional design and is the simplest approach to building a complementary unity voltage gain output stage.
10-25 pF/m length) and a source follower JFET circuit acts as an impedance transformer serving to take the signal from the high impedance antenna side to the low impedance (typ.
and Sandia National Laboratories' 6.5-kV SiC device and power module--the 6.5kV Enhancement-Mode Silicon Carbide JFET Switch--represents a high-voltage module based on reliable, normally off SiC JFETs.
This solution can provide difference-oriented Junction Field-Effect Transistor (JFET) and high-voltage resistance devices for start-up circuits as well as a lot of options include bipolar transistors (VPNP/LNPN), precision resistors and capacitors and Zener diodes with low temperature coefficients, greatly facilitating the customers to use it in design and development.
In [12], the controlled grounded resistor is made up of a junction gate field-effect transistor (JFET) and an active building blocks such as voltage buffer (VB) and second/generation current conveyor (CCII).
Linear Integrated Systems announces the immediate availability of its LSK489 1.8 nV at 1kHz, low-capacitance, N-channel monolithic dual JFET. This is part of a family of ultra-low-noise, dual JFETs positioned to provide users better-performing, wider bandwidths and cheaper solutions for obtaining tighter IDSS (drain-source saturation current) matching and better thermal tracking than matching individual JFETs.
Cui, "Polymeric integrated AC follower circuit with a JFET and an ink-jet printed resistor as active devices," Solid State Electronics, vol.