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Your Little Jem is to have the few curious things I picked up--I've seen to that.
Theattack on a convoy of paramilitaries in the disputed valley was the deadliest in decades, andled to airstrike against what the Modi administration called a JeM training camp on Pakistani soil in Balakot.Pakistan, which denied supporting JeM, responded by shooting downtwo Indian warplanes and capturingone pilot, whose return two days later pulled the nuclear-armedcountries back from the brink.
Material published by JeM and available in Pakistan shows how conferences and camps are held in the country, with the patronage of JeM chief Masood Azhar, to either recruit terrorists or hail those Pakistanis who die while carrying out attacks in India.
India has been repeatedly urging Pakistan to take action against the JeM to prevent jihadis from being trained and armed inside Pakistan.
Rebel fighters from the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), active in Sudan's western Darfur region (AFP)
An assessment of the terror group, which carried out the audacious attack on the Indian Air Force ( IAF) base in Pathankot, by intelligence agencies shows that JeM has all the arsenal in its possession which India should be wary of.
The JEM official in press statements to SUNA, Tuesday, attributed the non-completion of the implemenmtation of the protocol to circumstances relatesd to the assassination of the JEM former leader and the concern given to Security Arrangement File .
The JWARN and JEM are two separate and distinct Department of Defense (DOD)-accredited software applications that provide critical technology for CBRN warning, reporting, modeling, and simulation.
The conflict in Sudan's troubled western region has resulted in death and destruction, with groups like the Jem battling government troops over alleged discrimination by the government in Khartoum.
Sudan's army said it has killed more than 300 fighters from Darfur's rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) in recent clashes in which 75 of its own soldiers also died, state media reported on Saturday.
Masse has done a wonderful job of capturing the voice of twelve-year-old Jem. His summer vacation will remind adult readers of their own childhoods, when summer seemed endless and every day brought something new.
JEM said it defeated large government attacks in Uzban, 120 kilometers southeast of the capital of North Darfur state Al-Fasher on Monday, and another nearby settlement on Tuesday afternoon.
Sudanese police accused JEM of attacking a commercial convoy between the town of Al Deain and the capital of south Darfur Nyala, saying officers guarding the vehicles fought off the assault.
The 12-point framework document offers peace with JEM and a power-sharing role in Sudan.
'Today we signed an agreement between the government and JEM in N'Djamena and in N'Djamena we heal the war in Darfur,' Bashir said in a speech on Sudanese state television on Saturday.