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a voluminous cotton outer garment (usually white) traditionally worn by Muslim women of northern Africa and the Middle East

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PHOTO | TWITTER class="MsoNormalThe most notorious and recognisable of the four suspects is Izo, who used to steal pens and textbooks from his classmates at a secondary school in Nairobi, according to his former schoolmates.
IZO Private Connect is part of Tata Communications' IZO hybrid cloud enablement platform.
To assess the photosensitivity of the IZO nanofibers, a source of weak UV radiation in the wavelength region 230-290 nm, based on a mercury lamp, was used.
The IZO Private Connect, according to Tata Communications, provides easy, hassle-free, superfast connectivity for global enterprises to Alibaba Cloud's Express Connect, which connects Virtual Private Clouds (VPC), the Internet and end-users' own networks.
Tata Communications' game-changing IZO Cloud Enablement Platform empowers enterprises to connect and build their cloud, their way -- be it private, public or hybrid.
An extensive testwork program has been conducted by the French laboratory LRCCP in order to compare the properties of the IZO with the properties of standard quality zinc oxides in various rubber formulations.
Through the IZO Public cloud enablement service, Tata and Google will collaborate to provide businesses with a simple and future-proof way to connect and build their cloud over the public Internet - providing unparalleled performance, reach, and capacity ensuring a consistently good user experience for enterprise end-customers.
Recently, transparent amorphous oxide semiconductors (TAOSs) thin films, such as Sn-Zn-O (SZO), In-Zn-O (IZO), and In-Ga-Zn-O (IGZO), have received a considerable attention in the large-area FPD industry since they may overcome the difficulties encountered in the amorphous a-Si:H and polycrystalline silicon TFTs (poly-Si TFT) technologies [7].
Aida, "Physics properties comparison between undoped ZnO and AZO, IZO doped thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis," Journal of Applied Sciences, vol.
Urugero, ntawashidikanya ko ingamba z'iterambere izo arizo zose zashyizweho mu Rwanda byaba mu buyobozi bwite bwa leta cyangwa mu miryango mpuzamahanga zitifashisha itumanaho mu kinyarwanda, ururimi rw'abanyarwanda bose, zitagerwaho.