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a voluminous cotton outer garment (usually white) traditionally worn by Muslim women of northern Africa and the Middle East

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In Cinemalaya's 2018 edition, Iza received critical acclaim for her performance in Perci Intalan's 'Distance.' She said she refused to feel pressured to achieve the same success.
It was also through my cyber-stalking her that I learned Iza recently celebrated her birthday.
She claims she texted Filipino Iza to warn her Ron was married and said Iza told her she loved him.
If I had, I wouldn't be here," Iza told reporters in last Thursday's event at Regal matriarch Mother Lily Monteverde's new events venue, No.
If you feel you are in need of more information about foreclosure alternatives, or if you are under water on your mortgage payments, call Iza Ramirez with Pleasant Realty for more information at (210) 326-1903 or visit her at www.izasellshouses.com.
In Sestra, kao iza stakla, a female narrator residing in Zagreb reminisces about her sister who lived in Germany and, as we learn only at the very end of the book, was killed in a terrorist attack in London.
International Zinc Association (IZA), Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) and International Lead Zinc Study Group (ILZSG) have commenced a US$ 3.4 million project to demonstrate the best available technology for optimal production, environmental performance and energy management in hot dip galvanizing.
The names of Ester Golde, Rosa Luxemburg, Cecylia Sniegocka, Iza Moszczenska and Helena Radlinska, though of different ideological persuasions, are all connected to an unprecedented creativity which marked the era's social-political thought.
The French Evialis group (formerly-Guyomarc'h N.A), which specialises in animal feedingstuffs, has announced the simultaneous acquisition of Iza in Italy, Inve in Spain and Coprex in South Africa.
The film stars Iza Calzado as Elena, a single mother and midwife trying to apply for work abroad but gets kidnapped.
The actress had an intimate get-together with a handful of people, including fellow 'Encantadia' co-stars Diana Zubiri, Iza Calzado and Karylle, at Le Bistro Du Dr.
'Touching moment': Iza Calzado tears up after surprise wedding gift from late mom !-- -- (philstar.com) - December 22, 2018 - 3:32pm MANILA, Philippines Iza Calzado teared up after a surprise diamond bracelet gift from her late mother.
Chiswick is a faculty member of George Washington University, Washington D.C., and the IZA Institute for the Study of Labor, Germany.