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In livestock, the use of oocytes IVM to produce embryos from unstimulated ovaries is a routine practice and main technology for in-vitro embryo production, cloning and transgenic animal production.
chevrolati to feces of IVM-treated cattle under laboratory conditions: Following the same method as used for active olfactometer standardization, a control treatment (80 g IVMfree feces) was placed in containers one and three while the experimental treatment (80 g feces from animals treated with 1 % IVM) was placed in containers two and four.
The incubation temperature during IVM did not influence cleavage rate and proportion of embryos developed to blastocyst stage following IVF.
Among the 12 culture systems analyzed in this work, G2-PLUS and coculture-DMEM-F12 were the most effective media conditions for IVM. Both showed no significant differences in their ability to improve oocyte maturation and were statistically different from the rest of the systems.
The use of IVM for infertility treatment has several perceived advantages over conventional IVF for women with a high antral follicle count, such as women with PCOS.
After washing human tubal fluid medium, 1199 GV oocytes were subjected to IVM. These oocytes were randomly divided, with or without cumulus cells, into three groups.
Cumulus expansion rate of buffalo oocytes after 24 hours of maturation in IVM medium supplemented with FCS, FAF-BSA or FAF-BSA+EGF.
He said the two-year-old girl, who cannot be named, was "definitely the youngest" to have eggs frozen using IVM.
En consecuencia, los objetivos de este trabajo fueron: a) evaluar la estabilidad de las concentraciones residuales de IVM en leche cruda de vaca y oveja sometidas a pasteurizacion a baja temperatura/largo tiempo y a alta temperatura/corto tiempo; b) evaluar los efectos de diferentes concentraciones de IVM sobre la fermentacion acido lactica de las bacterias en leches de vaca y oveja mediante el test de la prueba de yogur, y c) evaluar la viabilidad de las bacterias lacticas obtenidas de yogures elaborados a partir de leches de vaca y oveja con residuos de IVM, realizando un recuento en placa de las bacterias lacticas y evaluando la morfologia de las bacterias por microscopia electronica de barrido.
The paper "Global Strategic Framework for Integrated Vector Management" (IVM) in 2004 added much-needed clarity to the IVM concept (WHO 2004).
In vitro oocyte maturation (IVM) with a mild IVF program is a well-known laboratory procedure, which has been used in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) cycles as an alternative to conventional IVF.
Em minhocas Eisenia foetida tem-se demonstrado que elementos quimicos, como o cadmio e compostos organicos da classe dos organofosforados, induzem efeito hormetico sobre enzimas anticolinergicas e antioxidantes (Hackenberger et al., 2008; Zhang et al., 2009); no entanto, este efeito ainda nao foi estudado em organismos expostos a IVM.
The antiparasitic drug ivermectin, or IVM, can be used to treat these diseases, but mass public health campaigns to administer the medication have been stalled because of potentially fatal side effects for patients co-infected with Loa loa, which causes loiasis, or African eye worm.