Ivan the Terrible

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the first czar of Russia (1530-1584)

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Ugriumov's painting The Capture off Kazan by Ivan the Terrible (1800), depicting the tsar as a benevolent victor over the Tatars, was commissioned by Paul I for his recently built Mikhailovskii Castle in St.
The charges arose after five survivors testified Demjanjuk was the man in a photo of an SS guard known as Ivan the Terrible.
Parallels between the reign of Ivan the Terrible and the rumblings afoot across Europe are clearly evoked during a rehearsal at the Paris Opera.
80), Ivan the Terrible was glorified in history books, literature, and cinema.
The monastery that housed it was built by Ivan the Terrible in 1560 but closed by the Communists in 1917.
Residents of the Cayman Islands are assessing the damage wreaked by Ivan the Terrible as the hurricane continues towards Cuba today.
Unexpectedly, though, the storm - dubbed Ivan the Terrible by locals - did not hit the holiday island directly and veered off to the west coast.
The circumstance that in the Stalin era, parallel to the formation of the Stalin cult we see the unprecedented progress of a cult of Ivan the Terrible, was not, of course, a chance occurrence.
An adjective or phrase that is used to express the characteristic of a person or thing, such as Ivan the Terrible. In literature, the term is considered an element of poetic diction, or something that distinguishes the language of poetry from ordinary language.
After the death of Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) in 1584, Godunov became regent for the imbecile Fyodor I.
BORN WILSON Pickett, US R&B singer, 1941 GROVER Cleveland, US president, 1837 COURTNEY Pine, UK jazz musician, 1964, above DIED BOB Woolmer, South African cricketer, 2007 IVAN the Terrible, Russian Tsar, 1584 NATASHA Richardson, UK actress, 2009, above
Prince Andrei Mikhailovich Kurbskii (1528-83) was a military commander under Tsar Ivan the Terrible and, from 1564, an emigre in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
But Judge Levin said the court had been persuaded beyond doubt that Demjanjuk and "Ivan the Terrible" were one and the same.
On arrival at their new home, they are attacked by cranky pharaoh Kahmunrah, who has awoken from centuries of slumber and intends to take over the world with Ivan The Terrible, Al Capone and Napoleon Bonaparte.
Here propagandists reconcile Tolstoi to his homeland by asserting that Stalinists know how to celebrate jubilees, Peter the Great is rehabilitated, and even Ivan the Terrible becomes a comic hero.