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Russian writer of stories and novels and plays (1818-1883)

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The Novels of Ivan Turgenev: A Sportsman's Sketches.
Her true gift--learned by close study of Ivan Turgenev and William Trevor--is old-fashioned storytelling." JOHN FREEMAN
Answers on page 53 VVA gambler's life 'I have been in Wiesbaden five days already and have lost everything, including my watch and I am even in debt at the hotel' Fyodor Dostoevsky in a letter to fellow writer Ivan Turgenev (1865) VVWORD search J K L PO IGVE A F C J NMJOS I DX EA SAHO J NO L A NDON KADLCJIRD DRWE I BEYR KC I UF GMFI AAPLYEOEO YLHJKNNGI X I S ECURCV KSHT IMEJE EWQ AN BGHD Find the names of four winners of the Supreme Novices' Hurdle (Names can appear vertically, horizontally, diagonally, backwards or forwards) Answer on page 53 VVALL mixed up Rearrange the letters to reveal the name of a horse who won the Betfair Hurdle (formerly the Tote Gold Trophy) and the Champion Hurdle.
This book explores the cultural image of the forest in nineteenth-century Russia through an examination of nature in works by Ivan Turgenev, Pavel Mel'nikov-Pechersky, Vladimir Korolenko, Mikhail Nesterov, and others.
Fortunately, gone are the days when the org had to resort to including a new adaptation of Ivan Turgenev's "Fortune's Fool" to fill up the requisite four slots.
And although Flaubert once wrote to Louise Colet that he was "'a man.., worn by the excesses of solitude'" (278), Brown believes that his subject cannot be understood fully outside his literary and social coterie, which included luminary figures such as Maxime Du Camp, Emile Zola, Honore de Balzac, Victor Hugo, George Sand, Ivan Turgenev, Louise Bouilhet, Guy de Maupassant, Louise Colet, and Caroline Commanville.
Since the term was first popularized by Ivan Turgenev in Fathers and Sons (1862), nihilism has acquired many shades of meaning in European thought.
The zombie plot is not without its mirth, but it is neither informed nor enriched by Pushkin's work, or by Ivan Turgenev's or Aleksandr Griboedov's for that matter.
Along with critical acclaim, Pauline began her controversial relationship with Ivan Turgenev. Turgenev fell in love with Pauline instantly, but she was accustomed to having many admirers and was not interested.
So they approached him for a role in the play which had been adapted from a novel by Ivan Turgenev called "Fathers and Sons".
Ivan Turgenev's influence on Ernest Hemingway has been widely appreciated, yet important aspects of this link remain unmined.
Among her perspectives are Alexander Pushkin's family life as moral saga, Nikolai Gogol as a case of orientalizing the orientalizer, becoming Dostoevsky, Ivan Turgenev and the ethnicity of love, the Russianness of Leo Tolstoy's body as a mirror of the Russian family crisis, and Rozanov's body politics in contemporary post-Soviet Russia.
Ivan Turgenev (1818-83), with his exotic subject matter, graceful prose and acute perception, was the first Russian writer to attract European readers and establish an international reputation.
In a succinct remark by Ivan Turgenev, we read the quintessential summary of the persistent meaning of the self-renewing, ageless antisemitism: "I hate Jews.