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the first czar of Russia (1530-1584)

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Thus in his analysis of Ivan Pososhkov's work he comes to the conclusion that if Peter the Great had listened to his suggestions, the government would have engaged in a "more invasive tyranny than that of Ivan IV or Boris Godunov" (302).
Tsar Ivan Groznyi, having taken in 1565 into his "oprichnina" the remains of the hereditary feudal possessions of the princes, (13) ultimately weakened them, having taken away support for their political claims." (14) While agreeing on the whole with such characteristics, it should nevertheless be emphasized that there was not "feudal order" in the Rus' before Ivan IV Groznyi, nor after, but rather only elements of a feudal way of life existed, a kind of "quasi-feudalism." (15) Initially the Muscovy state was formed not as feudal one, but as a politarian.
In the early 1930s, Moscow sent in plenipotentiaries from the Commission for Party Control to try to oversee their work, a measure Getty compares to Louis XlV's use of intendants or Ivan IV's namestniki.
Although the story isn't new, the spin on it is as choreographer Yuri Grigorovich first had the idea in 1975 to choreograph the life of Czar Ivan IV, both as a madman and a genius.
6 In history, which Russian tsar was known as 'Ivan the Terrible': Ivan III or Ivan IV ?
Googling a runner Ivan The Terrible 1.50 Southwell Ivan IV Vasilyevich (1530-1584) was Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533 until his death.
The ROM's icon dates to that time, when Moscow was in a progressive state of artistic ferment accompanied by the imperial ambitions of its rulers, signalled by Ivan IV (1533-1584), known as Ivan the Terrible, when he assumed the title of Tsar.
Produced during the reign of Ivan IV (1533-84), the Book of Degrees of the Royal Genealogy was the first narrative history of Russia, according to the foreword of this volume, which presents 21 papers from an interdisciplinary conference convened at the U.
The church was built on the order of Ivan IV of Russia to mark the capture of Kazan and Astrakhan.
Kuna linna keskaegne arhiiv viidi Ivan IV vagede poolt Liivi soja ajal Moskvasse, kus see arvatavasti Kremli tulekahjus havis, saab Tartu mundindust uurides toetuda uksnes materiaalsetele allikatele - muntidele ja mundiaaretele (Leimus 2005a, 189).
Although Alexander Nevsky was withdrawn at the time of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, Eisenstein's reputation continued to shine, and he was offered a commission to make a film on one of Stalin's most admired historical figures, Ivan IV, known as "the Terrible."
My ancestor Racha served 25 Saint Nevsky with martial brawn; (9) His progeny was shown mercy By Ivan IV, crowned rage incarnate.