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grand duke of Muscovy whose victories against the Tartars laid the basis for Russian unity (1440-1505)

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As Ivan III prepares to leave Moscow for battle, most images depict a single episode as he visits Kremlin cathedrals (15:192-99); they become multi-episodic with the successive arrival of Tatar, Tver', Pskov, and other troops (15:200-9).
The oldest non-religious structure is the Palace of Facets, built by Ivan III in 1493, which holds all of the imperial thrones.
The editor was more generous to Nancy Kollman, whose essay on the period from Ivan III to the first Romanov is truly stimulating.
He accompanied Sofia Paleologus, the daughter of the last Byzantine Emperor, to Russia where she wed the Tsar Ivan III.
Moscow gradually united the Russian principalities under its own leadership, and Ivan III (1440-1505) made himself the first national Russian sovereign.
Los zares rusos Ivan III y Vasily III, --el ultimo padre de Ivan IV, el Terrible-- se consideraban sucesores de los zares griegos y asumieron con orgullo el papel de dirigentes de un pais baluarte del cristianismo ortodoxo.
We are presented with an image of a |Third Rome', sealed from the influence of Renaissance Latin and of Peter the Great's Westernization policies with precedents in the eras of Ivan III, Boris Godunov, and also Alexis (pp.
Basil III (1479-1533) became czar of Russia in 1505 on the death of his father, Ivan III.
In September 1567, upon request, Ivan issued an immunity charter to Simonov Monastery Abbot Feoktist, to confirm a previous immunity charter issued by Ivan III, for a village (slobodka) in Mozhaisk.
Created by Ivan III in the 15th century, the square was originally a market place.
El proceso largo y penoso de tales transformaciones se iba realizando en Rusia ano tras ano, hasta que al final del siglo XV, bajo el zar Ivan III, fue creado el Estado unico ruso con la capital en Moscu, fundada apenas en el ano 1147 y que era hasta entonces un pequeno fuerte militar.
10) Three well-documented explanations of the stimulus for Prosvetitel' follow: "eschatological uncertainty around the 'year 7000' (September 1491-August 1492), the 'heresy of the Judaizers,' and Ivan III as a possible 'unorthodox ruler of Holy Rus''" (135).
MOTHER Gigi Lee, mum to Ivan III MARRIED Michelle Rocca and Van Morrison
It is hardly startling, of course, to suggest that princely power was undermined during the reign of Ivan III.
Keenan's first published forays into source criticism appeared in the late 1960s, with article-length considerations of both the Kazanskaia istoriia (History of Kazan'), often invoked to interpret relations between Muscovy and the khanate of Kazan', and the edict of Akhmad Khan to Ivan III, an important source for interpreting the "stand on the Ugra" in 1480 as signifying the end of the "Mongol Yoke.