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the first czar of Russia (1530-1584)

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"So I gave heed to my brother's words; and when I was come to Nulato, and the Russian, Ivan, laid the lash of his dog-whip upon me, I knew I must not fight.
"And I took with me meat and fish, and the lash-marks of Ivan, and I found Kamo-tah no longer groaning, but dead.
Then will we destroy them, even Ivan. When they cling like flies to the wall, and top is no less near than bottom, our men shall fall upon them from above and either side, with spears, and arrows, and guns.
Three days later, having with craft ill-concealed his hiding-place, Negore was dragged forth like a rat and brought before Ivan - "Ivan the Terrible" he was known by the men who marched at his back.
"It is the word of Ivan that thou shalt be lashed till thou diest if thou dost not speak.
Negore waited while Karduk talked with Ivan. Then Negore saw the Russian's face go dark, and he saw the men step to either side of him, snapping the lashes of their whips.
And while he appeared very sick and looked about him with dull eyes, he noted the fighting strength of Ivan's men, and noted with satisfaction that Ivan did not recognize him as the man he had beaten before the gates of the fort.
And on the next, when Karduk asked him at command of Ivan, he said he doubted they would meet with his tribe till the morrow.
Simon went through to the armoury and routed out Ivan, the public detective's private detective.
Ivan, the confidential man with the scar and the moustaches, came out of the house like a cannon ball, and came racing across the lawn to Valentin like a dog to his master.
"Yes; look, if you like, Ivan," said Valentin, "but don't be long.
"Ivan," said the detective, "go and fetch Commandant O'Brien and Mr.
The confidential Ivan opened the door and ushered in Commandant Neil O'Brien, whom he had found at last pacing the garden again.
"Ivan," said Valentin, "please go and get the Commandant's sword from the library." Then, as the servant vanished, "Lord Galloway says he saw you leaving the garden just before he found the corpse.
The knock came again, and Ivan put in his scarred face.