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the legal code of ancient Rome

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However, the recommended daily intake of vitamin D is expected to increase from 400 to 1,000 international units (IUs).
Tras el prologo del coordinador, que explica el origen de la obra de conjunto (3), y realiza un clarividente resumen de lo que el lector se encontrara en el libro, aparecen los ocho capitulos de que se compone el mismo, con tematica diversa pero un mismo hilo conductor: el ius commune.
Next to the IUS, the Commission also published the 2014 Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS), which reveals that more marked inequalities persist at regional level.
"Nao havia sequer lugar [no sistema juridico romano] para o que chamamos direito subjetivo, porquanto, para seus jurisconsultos, no mundo juridico somente se distinguiam as personae (pessoas), as res (coisas) e as actiones (acoes); e o que hoje consideramos direito subjetivo [o termo latino ius suum] se enquadrava entre as res (coisas).
From the medieval ius commune to current European harmonization efforts, the law in Europe shows a trend toward integration.
Can you tell me the difference between an IUD and IUS?Dr Miriam says: First, let me deal with the similarities.
Cloth, $65.00--Jeremy Waldron is a leading proponent of constitutional comparativism, most notably evident in his Harvard Law Review article, "Foreign Law and the Modern Ius Gentium." Waldron has now expanded on that theme with his latest book, "Partly Laws Common to All Mankind," a title borrowed from the Roman maxim that "[a]ll peoples who are ruled by laws and customs use partly their own laws and partly laws common to all mankind to govern themselves." Although I do not agree with his central thesis, it is an extremely thoughtful defense for harmonizing basic rights across legal systems.
The Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale (IUS; Freeston, Rheaume, Letarte, Dugas, & Ladouceur, 1994) was used to measure the degree to which a person tolerates uncertainty.
As part of the study Dawson-Hughes and colleagues divided the subjects into quartiles ranging from 0 to 2,000 International Units (IUs) of daily vitamin D intake.
The ICA Foundation donates the LNG-IUS--an IUS that is identical to Mirena, except for the insertion technique--to international development agencies and public health organizations, which then offer the IUS to poor women around the world.
Central to the Salamancan theologian's defense of the native peoples would be a theory of rights spelled out against the backdrop of the "natural law" and guaranteed to all persons according to the precepts of the "law of nations" or ius gentium.
Neste trabalho se modelam dados referentes a temperatura de superficie e indices de vegetacao para espacializar informacoes sobre a umidade da superficie e sua relacao com o estado da degradacao ambiental cujo principal objetivo foi aplicar e adaptar o indice de umidade do solo (IUS), a um modelo empirico para determinacao da umidade do solo, visando ao estudo de regioes degradadas da caatinga e com isto foi possivel: espacializar o IUS, estabelecer graus de desertificacao, delimitar a area em processo de desertificacao, mapear o efeito de borda do nucleo de desertificacao do Serido e verificar possiveis relacoes do IUS com parametros de agua no solo.