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Roman Emperor and nephew of Constantine

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After they storm the castle, the leader of the Moors, Muley Mumen, asks for Iacinta's hand in order to seal the alliance, but when she spurns him he orders Iulianus's eyes and Iacinta's tongue removed.
Gracchus (11.13) and Antonius Iulianus (1.4.8, 9.15, 18.5.1, 19.9.2).
1, cap 23, PL 34, 190; Iulianus Toletanus (Julian of Toledo), De comprobatione sextae aetatis, lib.
179); governor of Gallia Lugdunensis (central and northwestern France) (186) and then proconsul of Sicily (189); appointed suffect consul (to fill out another man's term) (190); became governor of Pannonia (eastern Hungary and northern Serbia) (191); hearing news of the murder of Pertinax by the Praetorians (March 23, 193), he gathered his troops, received their acclamation as Emperor, and set out for Rome as the avenger of Pertinax, having adopted his name; arrived in Rome to find the usurper Iulianus executed by the Senate in anticipation of his arrival; he disbanded and exiled the faithless Praetorian Guard, and organized a new Imperial bodyguard; he left Rome for the East to deal with C.
Demetrias is referred to as "Amnia," another nomen of the Anicii and Probi (for example, Amnius Anicius Iulianus, consul in 322:).
1, cap 23, PL 34,190; Iulianus To]etanus (Julian of Toledo), De comprobatione sextae aetatis, lib.
The sentence `de quo nati sunt Gallus et Iulianus qui imperauit' was added to the basic entry some time after 360, of course, but it is incorrect, for Gallus and Julian were half-brothers by Julius Constantius, half-brother of Constantine, and brother of Dalmatius, pere.