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the sun (or solar disc) which was the deity of a monotheistic cult under the Pharaoh Akhenaten


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When push comes to shove, will our politicians be able to maintain the ITNI principle, and what does this mean for our regional interest?
The natives from Lollo and Itni trade also with the Arawe people with whom they are very friendly.
The idiom yisawwar atil "to kill or murder s.o." is confused by the translators with the sense of yitsawwar"to imagine"; the phrase inta ba itni l-bet tisawwar-lukum atil is translated as "Du hast mich [zu dir] nach Hause geschickt und ihr habt euch ein Mordopfer einge-bildet" (p.
He started the caption with more of a banter, "Arey arey itni saari taareefein !!!"
For example, she wasn't chosen to play the lead role in a Cinderalla play at school, regardless of her apt dialogue delivery, because one of the teacher's believed 'itni moti Cinderalla nahi le sakte (we can't have such a fat Cinderalla).'
Lekin kya karenge, Mumbai hai hi itni expensive city [But what to do, Mumbai is very expensive].
Referring to the trio of Mahipal Maderna, Babu Lal Nagar and Ram Lal Jat, Raje points out that " of the nine ministers who lost their ministerial berths for their misdeeds, three were involved in sex scandals." She has accused Gehlot of favouring certain companies linked with his son Vaibhav, underlining her claim that " Rajasthan mein itni bhrasht sarkar j tak nahi yi ( this is the most corrupt government in Rajasthan that has come to power)."
Sometimes the speaker repeats the whole phrase 'as it is' but changes the main linguistic item from one language to the other in the repetition for instance: 'is war maen is jung maen' (Appendix B, Programme 1), and 'aur itni powerful unki awaz honi chahiay itni taqatwar unki awaz honi chahiay' (Appendix B, Programme 2)
"Meri jaati to itni choti hai, gaon mein ek-adh ghar bhi nahi hota hai.