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a Greek island to the west of Greece

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Like both "Ithaki," Batout's first picture, and "Eye of the Sun," "Hawi" is a city-specific multi-character drama built on a twisted narrative.
Hailing from a news and documentary background, Egyptian helmer el-Batout's first two features, "Ithaki" and this year's "Eye of the Sun," have been notable for their often stunning visuals and weaving narratives.
See, for example, Yalcin Kucuk, Tekeliyet 1(Istanbul: Ithaki, 2003) and Mehmet Sevki Eygi, Yahudi Turkler Yahut Sabetaycilar: Iki Kimlikli, Gizli Esrarli ve Cok Guclu Bir Cemaat (Istanbul: Zvi-Geyik, 2000).
Ports will include Poros, Mykonos, Paros, Sifnos, Ithaki, Paxos, Corfu, Kefallonia and Zakynothos.
Ithaki ( is a meta-search engine for children in grades 4-6 (see Figure 6).
Other good restaurants are: At Syntagma: Ithaki Restaurant, Mitropoleos 46.
A national roaming trial is to be introduced on the islands of Cephallonia and Ithaki and Kalamata, including the Messinian Bay and Pylos, by mobile operator Vodafone Greece and TIM Hellas, a telecomms company.
Homer's Ithaca wasn't the Greek island now called Ithaki, but was located on a western peninsula of the island of Kefallinia (Kefalonia), an area now called Paliki, according to an international team of geologists, classicists and archaeologists.
Some believe that the present day island of Ithaki matched Homer's description of a "rocky severe island, unsuited for horses" but others have disagreed.
We boarded it in Fiskardo and set off with him across the waters to Ithaki.
In February 2001, the ship was renamed the HS Ithaki (L181) and delivered to the Hellenic Navy.
Ithaki, a relative newcomer, for example, happily lists Google among the engines it searches.
Wilcock, |The Fighting in the Iliad' in Spondes ston Omiro, Proceedings of the Sixth Conferenc on the Odyssey, 1990 (Ithaki, 1993), pp.
As long as the Cyprob Odyssey never arrives at Ithaki they will be happy.