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Synonyms for reproduction

Synonyms for reproduction

Synonyms for reproduction

recall that is hypothesized to work by storing the original stimulus input and reproducing it during recall

copy that is not the original

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the act of making copies

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Moreover, oocyte diameter-frequency analysis and the presence of multiple cohorts in the population studied here indicate that this species has an iteroparous reproductive strategy.
In steelhead, nearly all iteroparous individuals spawn no more than twice in their lifetime (Seamons and Quinn, 2010).
Similar phenomena have also been found in iteroparous population models, first by Guckenheimer et al.
Brachyuran crabs are iteroparous species which present a high diversification of reproduction patterns (Hartnoll & Gould 1988), which may have evolved as a species-specific response to environmental conditions.
However, in many other iteroparous groups it should be possible to assess the different components of within-female variation, a necessary step before the results reported here can be generalized outside the calyptraeids.
It is an iteroparous organism that protects its young, is capable of parthenogenesis, displays phenotypic and genetic variability, and possesses ecological plasticity.
Humpback whitefish and least cisco are iteroparous, although there seems to be variabi 1 ity between spawning events (Reist and Bond, 1988; Lambert and Dodson, 1990; Brown, 2006).
It can be concluded from the present studies that catla is an iteroparous seasonal breeder which does not spawn in captivity.
Evolutionary change in flowering phenology in the iteroparous herb Beta vulgaris ssp.
4) Adults are long-lived and females exhibit low fecundity and are iteroparous. 5) Females will mate more than once.
Clarias species are iteroparous. Lehri (1968) established that the reproductive cycle of C.batrachers is divided into five phases; a resting phase (January-February); an early maturing phase (March-April); an advanced maturing phases (May-June); a mature phase (July-September) and a spent phase (October--December).
plasticity in an iteroparous plant: the interactive effects of genotype,
All species return to their natal streams to deposit eggs; most species are semelparous, spawning once before dying, though some steelhead and most cutthroat trout are iteroparous, maintaining the ability to migrate back to sea after spawning and to return to spawn again.
The base, or intrinsic, vitality loss rate is proportional to the -- 1/3 power of adult body mass across a range of iteroparous species.
Effect of maternal age on breeding dispersal.--According to evolutionary theory, parental investment should increase with age in iteroparous species in which survival or fecundity declines with parental age (Fisher 1930, Williams 1966a, b).