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a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments)

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My husband, Sam and I, put the cafe's best-sellers to the test starting with the Italian sandwich made up of sundried tomato nut cheese, tomato, spinach basil pine nut pesto, balsamic romaine lettuce in a wheat-free rye ciabatta which was a savoury delight.
In addition to the names he cites there are: poor boy, torpedo, Italian sandwich, rocket, zeppelin or zep, blimpie, garibaldi, bomber, wedge, muffuletta, Cuban sandwich, and spuckie.
Tracking restaurant trends, Pat Bruno of the Chicago Sun-Times lists the hot, hot, hot trends for 1997 as: steak, beef, red meat; potatoes; brussels sprout leaves; ravioli with fillings you never thought possible; wraps; frico (Parmesan cheese that's fried and shaped into a thin wafer); pot-au-feu; Asian/fusion; grilled veggies; warm pear, frisee and gorgonzola salad; tostinos (grilled Italian sandwich); mushrooms; and Latino cuisine.
Pacific Rim and Cafe Epicure, and I think the best Italian sandwich in town is at the Main Bar sandwich shop.
Moestogo Corp., parent company of the Moe's Italian Sandwich Shop franchise, has moved its corporate office from Portsmouth to Bedford.
GLP's current product line includes individually packaged frozen brownies, cookies, crispy treats, and an Italian sandwich roll.
Besides Restoration Cafe, other participating restaurants include: British Beer Company; Cafe la Reine; Cafe Momo; Giorgio's Ristorante; Green Bike Smoothies; Hanover Street McDonald's; Kathmandu Spice; Lorena's Cantina; Moe's Italian Sandwiches; North End Bistro; Prime Time Grilled Cheese; Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse; Taqueria y Pastelitos To Go; The Gyro Spot; USA Chicken and Biscuit; Villaggio Ristorante; and Wing It On!
And to celebrate her first year as the keyholder, Claire will be selling all regular Italian sandwiches for just PS1 on October 17 - the date she first opened the doors.
Among other new items are the Mega Meat Stacks, Steak Fajita Flatbreads and Loaded Italian Sandwiches, plus a "loaded"--as in with cheese, bacon and ranch--version of its famous curly fries.
Nearby, backing onto the Town Hall, is a stall selling Tramezzini (Italian sandwiches) with vegetarian fillings including basil, tomato and pesto.
''Olives have always been a staple ingredient for traditional pizzas, Italian sandwiches and salads,'' notes Laura McGuire, editorial manager for Chicago-based Technomic Inc.
"It took me a while, but I got pretty good making Italian sandwiches."
Most of the folks filling those tables have come from the deli counter at the far opposite side of the store, where hot and cold Italian sandwiches and other delicacies are prepared.
Originally designed for optimizing the grilling of authentic, thick grilled Italian sandwiches, the panini grill is now also regularly used indoors for the succulent, healthy grilling of meats, chicken, and vegetables.
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