Italian bread

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unsweetened yeast-raised bread made without shortening and baked in long thick loaves with tapered ends

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Roast Beef & Cheddar: Shaved slices of roast beef topped with sauteed onions, mushrooms and cheddar cheese on Italian bread
The Italian bread is soft, white and flavorful with a crackling crust and tender texture.
Set out baskets of crusty cubes of French or Italian bread and provide guests with long-handled, long-tined forks.
Butter-Krust Baking, which was established in 1920 and expects 2005 sales to total more than $80 million, primarily produces white bread and buns and Italian bread at its two plants in Sunbury and Northumberland, Pa.
On a bed of white Italian bread, a trio of classic Mediterranean ingredients - salami, fried zucchini and mozzarella are included.
Philly Cheese Steak" - Steak, American and provolone cheeses, onions, green peppers and mushrooms on artisan Italian bread and baked to a golden brown.
If you love the aroma of baking Italian bread wafting through your home, then the Rustic Crust Company has created some ready-made pizza crusts just for you.
The pastes can be used in a variety of ways: spread over toasted Italian bread, added to stews and sauces for extra flavour or in toppings for fish, meat and vegetables.
3tbsp olive oil; 1 onion, chopped; 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped; 1 courgette, trimmed and finely chopped; 2 sticks of celery, trimmed and finely chopped; 410g can of haricot or cannellini beans, rinsed and drained; large sprig of rosemary, chopped; 400g can chopped tomatoes; 1 litre vegetable stock; salt and freshly ground black pepper; 4tbsp fresh pesto; plenty of crusty Italian bread
The frozen "Light Italian Bread Stuffed with Spinach, Feta Cheese & Mushroom Filling" is "all natural," "vegetarian," and made with organic flour and spinach.
Il Fornaio's signature foods include an abundant Italian bread service with every meal; Minestrone, fresh seasonal vegetable soup made with vegetable stock; Pollo Tuscano, a wood-fired rotisserie chicken scented with rosemary; Turtei con Aragosta, homemade ravioli entree filled with fresh lobster from Maine; and Bistecca alla Fiorentina, mesquite grilled, 22-ounce certified Angus Porterhouse steak.
He has been Research & Development Baker for Italian bread producer 'la Fornaia', was Shift Plant Manager for Allied Bakeries, and spent two years as Retail Technical Baker for Speedibake (part of Associated British Foods).
Pick a bread, any bread: Frozen vegan pizza dough, dry vegan pizza dough mix, ready-to-use (already baked) vegan pizza dough, pita bread, English muffins or scones, French baguettes (crusty French bread) or Italian bread, Kaiser (hard) rolls, burger buns, or Lebanese flat bread.
Italian Olive" is an Italian bread featuring the distinctive flavor of Italian seasonings and black olives mixed whole in every loaf.
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