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yellowish honeybee resembling the Carniolan bee in its habits

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Italian Bee (noticing French Bee's empty pouches and standing with middle legs akimbo): What's the matter, stupid?
Based on this study, 40 sturdy Russian queen bees were selected as breeders to lead the charge against varroa for America's struggling Italian bees.
Flottum says every bee supplier strives to produce the calmest bees possible, but that Carniolan bees tend to be more subdued than the more readily available Italian bees.
Stort suggested that this behavior would be controlled by two pairs of genes that would be recessive in the africanized honeybees whenever are crossed with Italian bees (Stort 1971, 1976; Stort and Goncalves 1991).
They produce less honey than the conventional Italian bees that are cultured worldwide but Dr.
Horn provides the reader with details of bee biology, as well as elaborating on the differences in temperament between the different subspecies, such as brown Italian bees and black German bees.
The Italian bees (lineage C) make a third cluster, justifying their use as an outgroup.
are more efficient at removing worker brood artificially infested with the parasitic mite Varroa jacobsoni Oudemans than are italian bees or italian/africanized hybrids.
An Africanized bee works herself to death in two-thirds of the time it takes the gentle Italian bees that most beekeepers raise.
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