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an institution that issues something (securities or publications or currency etc

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H1: Debenture issuing companies exhibit a greater level of positive earnings management compared to non-issuing ones.
Included in the list of topics to be revised are: the markets and the financial instruments covered by the directive; the possibility that listed issuers may delay disclosing inside information; the disclosure of inside information by issuers of commodity derivatives; the possibility of allowing the competent authorities access to recorded telephone conversations and other data; the obligation of compiling lists of insider dealing and to provide information on transactions carried out by executed by staff members of issuing companies.
The charity's chief executive, Kate Nash, says: "It is essential that card issuing companies continue to promote the availability of chip and signature cards, and work hard to ensure that retailers are aware that not all customers will be using chip and PIN."
Issuing companies like Dutch auctions because they are a way to get maximum value for their shares.
And why are people locked into the cards except once a year, while the issuing companies can change what they offer every week--making it impossible for individuals to make rational decisions?
Factors that will nudge Thai consumers toward increasing credit spending this year include aggressive promotion of cards by issuing companies, lower interest rates, and rising consumer confidence.
Says Kudiss: "One of our main points of criticism is the lack of transparency and supervision of the rating procedure." Although only few cases have been observed where abuse (ranging from indiscretion and errata up to deliberately incorrect decisions and political interest) and/or procedural errors occurred in an assessment, the issuing companies have no possibility of rectifying the situation.
This could result in financial problems for the issuing companies.
The council also decided to continue looking into a plan to have a public institution temporarily take over cross-held shares until they are retired by issuing companies, the sources said.
This approach might encourage cross-border capital raising and achieve some degree of comparability of financial statements for the benefit of investors in cross-border issuing companies, but it would not achieve comparability between foreign registrants and domestic registrants.
George Soros and various card issuing companies are hiding their true activities behind the mask of humanitarian goals, the Minister of State said.
The new venture combines the strengths of two successful players in the global cards market; it will offer a broader breadth of financial services to credit card issuing companies in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and other nations in the Asian Pacific region.
In addition, TSE has required TDR issuing companies to publicize their stock information on the Market Observation Post System, along with their publication on the foreign exchanges of their original stocks simultaneously, so that local investors can have instant access to such information.
The recommendations of the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR) aim to standardise the presentation and contents of the financial prospectuses used to attract investment by issuing companies.
"The main economies of the world have evolved towards competition among stock exchanges, creating better product offers for intermediaries, investors and issuing companies. For this, the brokerage houses need the support of a highly secure, flexible and reliable network.