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(Old Testament) a son of Jacob and a forebear of one of the tribes of Israel

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Annual precipitation at Ramat Issachar averaged ~400 mm, 70% of which occurred during the 3-month period from December-February, and another 25% in November and March (Israel Meteorological Service 1967).
See Talia Fischer & Issachar Rosen-Zvi, The Confessional Penalty, 30 CARDOZO L.
Pangloss and Don Issachar, was a very good speaking actor and a commanding singer.
Talia Fisher & Issachar Rosen-Zvi, The Confessional Penalty, 30 CARDOZO L.
Gallants look here, this Fool's-Cap has an Air--Goodly and smart,--with Ears of Issachar.
181) See Issachar Rosen-Zvi & Talia Fisher, Overcoming Procedural Boundaries, 94 VA.
WHAT HAPPENS: "In your 20s, skin becomes duller and drier," says RoC's Dr Nathalie Issachar.
See also Avi Issachar, "We Don't Want to Know," Haaretz, June 15, 2007.
The tribes: Dan, Gad, Menashe, Ephraim, Zevulun, Asher, Issachar, Reuven, Shimon and Naftali, who made up the Kingdom of Israel that was conquered in the year 720 BC by Assyria, and its residents exiled.
Dov Noy and Issachar Ben-Ami (Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1975), 151-59.
For the background of the latter decision see Iddo Porat & Issachar Rosen-Zvi, "Who's Afraid of Channel 7?
Settled by the tribes of Issachar and Naphtali after Joshua conquered it from the Canaanites, its main town, Nazareth, was Jesus' home for most of his adult life.
The team includes full time officers Sister Michelle Levi, Michael Issachar, Pendl Dan and Lloyd Reuben
While most of the contributors are evangelical or conservative, they do not pursue a hard line, and I detected four Lutherans among the contributors: Fretheim (Exodus) and Olson (Numbers) from the ELCA and Heck (Benjamin, Issachar, and Tamar) and Steinmann (cherubim, hardness of heart) from LCMS.
There is Issachar Jacox Roberts, of Shelbyville, Tennessee, who traveled to China for the Baptists in the 1830s, was pleased to be welcomed by converts in Nanjing, and seems to have accepted the title of "minister for foreign policy and of justice in all cases involving foreigners.