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the ethnic group claiming descent from Abraham and Isaac (especially from Isaac's son Jacob)

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This war will not end biblically without the acceptance of a person of King David's line being the Messiah, Son and King of all Israelites.
It wasn't just that he led the Israelites out of one set of unjust laws.
While God wants the Israelites to know that their redemption is nigh, Pharaoh is meant to be duped into thinking that they will merely travel three days into the wilderness, make their sacrifices and, apparently, return to Egypt.
34b-40 disputes whether the residents of the former Northern Kingdom truly worship Yahweh, but treats them ethnically as Israelites.
Christians believe God had one plan for salvation that was revealed first to the Israelites and then to all peoples through Jesus Christ.
The Philistines are portrayed throughout the Bible as the archenemies of the Israelites: In Genesis, they are the ones who destroyed Abraham's wells by filling them with dirt, and later, in Judges, they are the people the Israelites are most often battling.
For Sunnis, on the other hand, Ashura marks the day in Islamic history on which the Israelites were freed from bondage under the Egyptian Pharaohs.
Yahweh of the Old Testament is perceived by many contemporary Christians as a violent, cruel, ruthless, even genocidal deity with such examples as the sacrifice of Jeptha's daughter, the slaughter of the Cannanites by the Israelites, the divine killing of the first-born sons of all the Egyptians in the pursuit of the goal of freeing the Israelites from Egyptian rule, and so many more examples of blood and death in the name of the God of the Old Testament.
Not so, says one expert who claims to have cracked the code: The mysterious language is actually the oldest form of written Hebrew, placing the ancient Israelites in Jerusalem earlier than previously believed.
The winds of history buffeted the ancient Israelites and their tiny land, forcing them to learn to worship and maintain their faith away from their physical center that lay besieged or conquered, often in ruins, or at too great a distance from their exile.
Some extended examples demonstrating how these literary approaches assist in the study of the ancient Israelites would make this chapter more useful for a general audience unfamiliar with the various biblical criticisms.
In Numbers 25, the Israelites "whore" with the Moabite women and start to worship their gods.
It is a story of faith, the faithfulness of God in keeping His word and the sometimes faltering faith of the Israelites in attempting to follow God's word.
But whatever its date, the idea of the covenant tells us that the Israelites were not yet monotheists, since it only made sense in a polytheistic setting.
Which event took the Israelites away from Jerusalem and for how long?