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a native or inhabitant of Israel

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In his entire essay, he devotes a whopping one sentence to Hezbollah's firing rockets into Israel and its seizing of Israeli soldiers, neglecting to mention that the soldiers were kidnapped from Israeli soil and that other soldiers died in the incident.
More than a year ago, a senior Israeli military officer began giving PowerPoint presentations, on an off-the-record basis, to U.
The new land had an intoxicating effect on the Israeli public.
The authors successfully show that Jewish fundamentalism is not limited to arcane religious practices or dress and food codes, as erroneously commonly believed, rather it has become a formidable and dangerous force not only "capable of influencing conventional Israeli policies but could also substantially affect Israel's nuclear policies.
About two thirds of the settlers left Gaza peacefully, but thousands defied the government's order to leave by the August 14 deadline, after which Israeli soldiers began to forcibly remove resisters from their homes.
So, following the latest shuffles and bobs towards peace, he sees the Palestinian suicide bombers and Israeli death squads resuming their deadly attacks in due time.
My therapist told me about one of his patients, an agent in Shabak, the internal security bureau," says the cheerful Fox, director of 2002's acclaimed gay Israeli love story Yossi & Jagger.
Just as the boycott of Schools of Architecture during the Apartheid years in South Africa, reluctant though it was, eventually added to the pressure that brought about the downfall of apartheid, so Israeli architects should examine their role in perpetuating the injustices of the Occupation.
And it has not prevented scores of Palestinians from being caught in the crossfire between the Israeli Army and Palestinian militants.
I cringed to see that the former enemies weren't being extra kind to each other, and cringed again when some of the 13 passengers began singing Israeli folk songs as we bounced along the windy, unlit Egyptian road.
Israeli retaliation for terrorist acts often has received far more attention than the terrorist acts themselves; civilian casualties in operations primarily directed at military targets have been equated with murderous violence that intentionally targets civilians.
Awad, who was (and is) by no means thin, says he feared for the health of the 'skinny' Israeli.
Our observation of a peculiar PstI profile allowed a presumptive identification of one of the two tick isolates as belonging to the Israeli spotted fever rickettsiae, while the other showed a restriction profile corresponding to that of R.
The camp hosted more than 300 Israeli teens, ranging in age from seventh to tenth grade, who came upon these American shores to spend a summer at camp.
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