Israel Baline

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United States songwriter (born in Russia) who wrote more than 1500 songs and several musical comedies (1888-1989)

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Israel Baline, by nowIrving Berlin, had his first real success in 1910 with Alexender'sRagtime Band, bringing his earnings in three years to pounds 60,000.
Born Israel Baline in Russia, he came to America at age five and quickly fell in love with the country.
When the sheet music was released around the time of his 19th birthday, Israel Baline had a new last name: Berlin.
Walk On By also explores the surprising influence of Tsarist Russia on the Broadway musical, for among the Jewish families who sought refuge in America were the Gershovitzes (George Gershwin), the Levy's (Richard Rogers) and the five-year-old Israel Baline (Irving Berlin).
One of the greatest American songwriters was Irving Berlin (born Israel Baline, in Western Siberia, in 1888).
Which is why, when Israel Baline woke up there one warm Christmas, he thought longingly of his New York home where the snow lay deep and crisp and even.
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