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By McCain's reasoning, Palestinians would be justified in killing American civilians, because Israel regularly launches attacks on them with weaponry provided by the United States.
Tell us what you think Israel should have done after the kidnapping of its soldiers.
In just about every synagogue there is going to be a sermon on Israel,'' said Rabbi Jan Offel of Kol Tikvah, a Reform temple in Woodland Hills.
Israel then launched a month of air and ground attacks on Lebanon, targeting the Beirut airport and major highways (to cut supply routes for Iranian arms coming into Lebanon from Syria), and parts of Beirut and other civilian areas where Israel believed Hezbollah fighters were hiding.
In all, there are at least 261,000 Jews still living in lands conquered by Israel during the Six Day War.
On July 26 the talks were peremptorily suspended by Israel on the grounds that Pope Benedict had "insulted" Israel by not mentioning it in his (customarily brief) Sunday noon address of July 24.
In the State of Israel, the construction of roads is decided according to military priorities.
Israel seized the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip during the Six-Day War in 1967.
Instead of narrating the history of humankind, from creation to the time of King Saul, the Chronicler begins his work with nine chapters of genealogies that (a) situate Israel within the family of nations (ch.
It is beyond dispute that the hatred of Israel that now emanates from large sections of the Arab and Muslim worlds is intertwined with the most virulent strain of Jew-hatred.
That virus was not isolated from crocodiles in late November (past outbreaks of WNV in Israel mainly occurred between August and October) (6,11).
Indeed, by carefully attending to the historical situation of the first century, Sanders concludes that the eschatological restoration of Israel is at the heart of Jesus' mission and message.
The Division will celebrate Israel Bonds' 50th anniversary by presenting Bert with a special 50th anniversary award in recognition of his many years of service to the real estate industry and leadership in the Israel Bonds program," Division Chairman Daniel R.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- L'Oreal shampoos and cosmetics will be manufactured in Israel starting next week, Jean-Pierre Valeriola, a Vice President of the French cosmetics company, announced today.