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the property of being able to occupy less space

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From the Tait equation, the thermal expansion coefficients and isothermal compressibility were calculated.
From the SMM, using the minimum condition of cohesive energies and the method of three coordination spheres, we find the mean nearest neighbor distance, the free energy, the isothermal compressibility, the thermal expansion coefficient, the heat capacities at constant volume and at constant pressure, the Young modulus, the bulk modulus, the rigidity modulus, and the elastic constants of binary interstitial alloy with BCC structure with very small concentration of interstitial atoms.
The saturated molar volume [v.sup.sat.sub.w] and the saturated isothermal compressibility [[kappa].sup.sat.sub.T] could be obtained by computing derivatives of the full thermodynamic potential, but this would defeat the purpose of simplification.
The values of the saturated molar volume and isothermal compressibility for ice at the triple point [3, 4] are [v.sub.sat,ice.sub.w,t] = 1.965 210 15 x [10.sup.-5] [m.sup.3]/mol and [[kappa].sup.sat,ice.sub.T,t] = 1.177 934 5 x [10.sup.-10] [Pa.sup.-1].
The addition and dissolution of CBA influenced the thermal expansion coefficient and isothermal compressibility coefficient in the free volume fraction expression.
Here, [alpha] is the thermal expansion coefficient and [beta] is the isothermal compressibility and they are defined as follows:
The thermal expansion coefficient and isothermal compressibility are related to the reduced variables and characteristic parameters as shown in the following equations:
The isothermal compressibility was determined from the gradient of the straight line of fractional volume change versus differential pressure plot.
The expression for isothermal compressibility, [beta], is given by: