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drug (trade name Isordil) used to treat angina pectoris and congestive heart failure

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Commonly Prescribed Nitrates Generic Name Brand Name Nitroglycerin Deponit, Minitran, Nitrek, Nitro-Bid, Nitro-Bid IV, Nitro-Bid Plateau Caps, Nitrocine, Nitrodisc, Nitro-Dur, Nitrogard, Nitrogard-SR, Nitroglyn, Nitrol, Nitrol Ointment, Nitrol TSAR kit, Nitrong, Nitrong SR, Nitro-Par, Nitropress, Nitrostat, Nitro Time, Nitro-Trans System, Transderm Nitro, Tridil Isosorbide Mononitrate Imdur, ISMO, Monoket Isosorbide Dinitrate Dilatrate-SR, Iso-bid, Isordil, Isordil Tembids, Isordil Titradose, Sorbitrate, Sorbitrate SA Isosorbide Dinitrate/Phenobarbital Isordil w/PB Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate Peritrate, Peritrate SA Erythrityl Tetranitrate Cardilate Sodium Nitroprusside Nitropress Illicit Drugs Amyl nitrite "poppers" Adapted from the Pfizer Viagra letter to emergency physicians.
Vasquez, 42, who had a history of heart problems, was seen by cardiologist Ramachandra Kolluru, who prescribed Isordil for heart pain.
The FDA recently documented a case in which a doctor prescribed Isordil for a heart patient.
The drugs included in the study's basket were Dyazide, a blood pressure product; Procardia, used for heart problems; Slow-K, which boosts potassium; Hydrodiuril, a blood pressure drug; Isordil, a treatment for chest pain; Cardizem, also used for chest pain; Lasix, used to reduce high blood pressure and body fluid; Tenormin, a high blood pressure treatment; Inderal, a heart drug; and Tagamet, which is used to fight ulcers.
Its commercial portfolio of cardiovascular therapeutic products in the United States includes Cardizem LA, Cardizem CD, Tiazac, Vasotec, Vaseretic, Teveten, Teveten HCT, Isordil and a number of generic pharmaceutical products.
4 million charge associated with BNC-Pharmapass, as well as acquired research and development related to the acquisitions of Ativan and Isordil from Wyeth, and a number of development-stage products from Athpharma.
In addition, we finalized the allocation of the purchase price related to our second quarter of 2003 acquisition of Ativan and Isordil, resulting in a reallocation of $1.