isopropyl alcohol

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alcohol used as antifreeze or a solvent


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Caption: In Isopropyl cyanide, one carbon atom connects to three other carbons (large, dark gray balls).
The branched carbon structure of isopropyl cyanide is a common feature in molecules that are needed for life -- such as amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins.
Although it is possible that the homemade liquor reportedly consumed by this patient contained isopropyl alcohol, there is another possible explanation for its presence.
Volgens 'n verslag het die gebruik van 70% isopropyl alkohol om die plek van velpunktuur vir reagensstrook bloedglukosetoetsing voor te berei valslikverhoogde bloedglukosevlakke geproduseer.
safety goggles * measuring spoons * sugar * plastic bag that zips closed * food coloring * marker * 3 clear plastic cups * water * paper towels * isopropyl alcohol * vegetable oil * paper * pencil
Pressure has mounted on lithographic printers to reduce the release into the environment of volatile organic compounds - of which isopropyl alcohol has been a significant source.
Any alkyl nitrite may be employed in this reaction, but isopropyl nitrite was preferred, since the low boiling point of the isopropyl alcohol facilitates its removal and it's more stable.
Diethylene glycol distearate, isopropyl myristate, and isopropyl palmitate are generally compatible with cellulose nitrate and ethyl cellulose.
Intended to protect personnel, products and plants, the Air Check Lite Ammonia Monitor provides reliable surveillance without the danger of false alarms caused by R134a or R113 refrigerants, isopropyl alcohol, carbon monoxide, fruit/produce off-gases, propane fumes or other substances.
THE EUROPEAN Commission's food and drink consumer alert service has warned of further contaminations in Italy of various non-alcoholic drinks from potentially toxic packaging print ingredient isopropyl thioxanthone.
The rocky marriage of Sandy (Peter Gallagher) and Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) has hit another dry spell, after she apparently considered isopropyl alcohol a ``call'' drink and has gone into rehab, where she'll meet the mysterious Charlotte (guest star Jeri Ryan).
Experimentation eventually determined that a 68% solution of isopropyl alcohol was most effective.
Potential photosensitizes include antiseptic mouth rinse, pistachios, parsley, hydrogen peroxide solutions, and isopropyl alcohol solutions.
The process does, however, require lead, acetone and isopropyl alcohol, but these substances are non-contaminating if properly managed.