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drug (trade name Isuprel) used to treat bronchial asthma and to stimulate the heart

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2011), to further understand the antioxidative effect of TPGs in myocardial ischemia, in present study, we employed the isoprenaline (IS0)-induced animal model (Cheng et al.
Isoprenaline hydrochloride (ISO-HCI) was obtained from Sigma.
Russell WJ, James ME The effects on increasing cardiac output with adrenaline or isoprenaline on arterial haemoglobin oxygen saturation and shunt during one-lung ventilation.
5), but had no effect on isoprenaline ([beta]-adrenoceptor agonist) responses (Fig.
Consequently, atropine and beta sympathomimetic drugs such as isoprenaline or ephedrine should always be available.
For the relaxation experiments strips were precontracted with varying concentrations of methacholine (1-100 [micro]M) or 100 [micro]M histamine followed by relaxation via increasing concentrations of isoprenaline (1 nM to 100 [micro]M).
Histamine and isoprenaline were from Sigma Chemical Co.
After the last time drug administrated, the saline group were injected saline subcutaneously, other group were injected isoprenaline subcutaneous (20 mg/kg), after 15min, single mouse input in the grinding jar (250 ml, 25 g sodium lime then placed in), and the bottle was closed immediately, the mice were observed the death time judged by apnea (Chen 2000).
Vasorelaxing agents such as acetylcholine (1[micro]M), isoprenaline (300 nM), salbutamol (10[micro]M), sodium nitroprusside (10 nM), cromakalim (100 nM) were used to relax the 5-HT pre-contracted tone in order to compare the effects of the HM xanthones.
The results showed clear leftward shifts in isoprenaline curves obtained in the presence of only higher concentration of the extract in group land its both concentrations in group 2 compared with that of saline.
The derivatives acted as [beta]-adrenergic antagonists, blocking the effect of adrenaline and isoprenaline.
Evidence that insulin and isoprenaline activate cGMP inhibited low [K.