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a hydrocarbon radical that occurs in many organic compounds

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When an animal is stung by bees the cells which cover the venom reservoir of the stings left in its body liberate isopentyl acetate, and the animal will be attacked by other worker bees attracted by that pheromone.
Heritabilities and correlations of the honey bee: response to Nosema apis, longevity, and alarm response to isopentyl acetate.
Among them were alkanes, 4 phenyl valeric acid, 5 isopentyl picolinic acid, 3 hydroxylauric acid, (5 a, 3[beta]) 3-hydroxy-11-androstanone, 5[alpha]-2-en-11 androstenone, squalene, terpinol (a terpineol), menthol derivatives, palmitic, oleic and eicosanoic acids, and isoprenoid phytane.