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the growth rates in different parts of a growing organism are the same

a one-to-one mapping of one metric space into another metric space that preserves the distances between each pair of points

equality of elevation above sea level

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equality of measure (e

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Kanai: Rough isometries and combinatorial approximations of geometries of non-compact Riemannian manifolds, J.
4] = SO(5)/SO(4), the internal symmetric space, via isometries (rotations).
For a better overview, the reference and the ability to create the update we decided to scan these isometries.
His topics include invariant connections on reductive homogeneous spaces, finite order isometries and twistor spaces, vertically harmonic maps and harmonic sections of submersions, generalized harmonic maps, and generalized harmonic maps into f-manifolds and into reductive homogeneous spaces.
Rosenthal, On isometries of normed linear spaces, Studia Mathe matica, 35(1970), 213-216.
Shape variation is the important information for characterizing an individual and the depth feature vector reflecting shape variation improves the verification rates distinctly in Table 1; Expression variations affect performance strongly and BI, a novel feature can obtain a representation of the surface which is invariant under geodesic isometries and decrease the influence of expression effectively; Statistical codebook analysis (3D LBP) can encode relationships between neighboring mesh nodes and 3D LBP based on BI are likely to be correlated for nearby nodes.
Following the decimation, we may consider all eight possible isometries that map one block to another, i.
The symmetric group G(n) has a faithful representation as a group of isometries of [R.
The Lorentz group is the group of all isometries of Minkovski spacetime.
They look at complex hyperbolic lattices, rank-one isometries of proper CAT(0)-spaces, trace polynomials for simple loops on the twice punctured torus, the simplicial volume of products and fiber bundles, the homology of Hantzsche-Wendt groups, Seifert fibered structure and rigidity on real Bott towers, exotic circles in groups of piecewise smooth circle homeo-morphisms, and groups generated by spine reflections admitting crooked fundamental domains.
d] are isometries and therefore without loss of generality we may rotate the triangle acb to make calculation more convenient.
We developed the notion of kinetic isometries, where the dancers tried to register an exterior and interior refraction of movement in their bodies, and proceed according to the 'reading' that they achieved of their own states.
This property would imply that the Universe admits a six-parameter group of isometries whose surfaces of transitivity are spacelike three-surfaces of constant curvatures.
Any A-conection D is metrizable with respect to g if and only if all its parallel displacements are isometries with respect to g.