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the growth rates in different parts of a growing organism are the same

a one-to-one mapping of one metric space into another metric space that preserves the distances between each pair of points

equality of elevation above sea level

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equality of measure (e

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There exists a norm equivalent to the original norm of a Banach space X such that the group of all surjective linear isometries on X with the new norm consists only of unimodular scalars of the identity [18].
In particular, the holonomy group [PHI](x) is made up of isometries of ([F.sub.x], g(x)).
The subgroup H = SO(5) of the isotropy group (at the origin) K = SO(5) x SO(2) acts naturally on the Fibers F = [S.sup.4] = SO(5)/SO(4), the internal symmetric space, via isometries (rotations).
To determine if this space-time admits even more isometries we examine the commutator of X with l in each case.
This work has been generalized in [Boy15] to the context of certain discrete groups of isometries of CAT(-1) spaces, where the equidistribution result is replaced by one of Roblin [Rob03, Theorem 4.1.1].
A remarkable fact found in [6] is that a geometric description of the symbols was also given by proving that the quasi-homogeneous symbols can be associated with an Abelian subgroup of holomorphic isometries and that one can also construct Lagrangian foliations over principal bundles over such Abelian subgroups.
Among specific topics are the structure of Hopf algebras, the growth of finitely generated solvable groups, uni-modular groups over number fields, isometries of inner product spaces, and symmetric inner product spaces over a Dedekind domain.
Kanai: Rough isometries and combinatorial approximations of geometries of non-compact Riemannian manifolds, J.
This textbook defines and analyzes important classes of transformations of the plane, specifically isometries and similarities, and integrates transformations with the traditional geometry of lines, triangles, and circles.
It was fully confirmed that once a convention for particles-antiparticles is agreed upon, D'Eath and Halliwell's Fock quantization is indeed unique, subjected to the requirements of invariance of the complex structure under the group of spatial isometries and unitary implementation of the dynamics in Fock space.
The 37 lectures are in sections on elements of group theory, symmetry in the Euclidean world: groups of isometries of planar and spatial objects, groups of matrices: linear algebra and symmetry in various geometries, the fundamental group: a different kind of group associated to geometric objects, from groups to geometric objects and back, and groups at large scale.
a connected Riemannian manifold on which the largest connected group G of isometries acts transitively.
Then [V.sub.1], [V.sub.0] are two isometries on [M.sub.1], [M.sub.0], respectively.