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a line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height

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Isolines of the dimensionless magnetostatic potential u/[h.sub.0] for the dimensionless layer thickness [delta] = 1.1, the Langevin susceptibility [X.sub.L] = 7.61, the dimensionless applied magnetic-field intensity ho = 1 (a) and [h.sub.0] = 3 (b).
The multinomial model showed that there was a significant interaction between RH and isofemale lines (LR = 73.14; df = 10; P < 0.001, Table 2; see Supplemental information), and hence there are differences between the isolines in the percentages of flying, walking, and non-flying wasps.
Thick solid brown contours mark the 0.274 mm [day.sup.-1] climatological precipitation isoline, and brown hatching indicates regions where climatological precipitation is below 0.274 mm [day.sup.-1] (or 100 mm [year.sup.-1])--a precipitation threshold used for defining the Sahara Desert.
Figures 11(a) and 11(b) show the deformations and Mises stress isolines with the different particle size random model and same particle size random model in uniaxial tensile with displacement x = 2 [micro]m.
The resulting regression equations were used to construct isolines of the magnetic characteristics of ferrites in the factorial space under study (Figures 3 and 4).
Figure 11 shows the isolines for the point safety factor of the rock mass around the midsection in the collapse tunnel section before collapse.
The isoline of [[theta].sub.e] = 345 K roughly denoted the position of the Meiyu front [16].
Contour plots of (a) [absolute value of ([E.sub.[rho]])] and (b) [absolute value of ([E.sub.z])] versus [rho] and z, computed for [[sigma].sub.1]=0.1 mS/m and [[epsilon].sub.1]=3 [[epsilon].sub.0] by applying the proposed approach (solid isolines).
4,5), beside preparation of the layers of Geological structure and soil, and the establishment of Isolines of temperature and precipitation.
For this reason the position of the waterline is evaluated based on the shift of isolines of 0.3 m, 0.4 m, 0.5 m, 0.6 m, and 0.7 m on the dry beach (Table 1).
The Figure 3b shows the distributions of pressure with contours and isolines. The Figure 3c shows the vectors of flow trajectories velocity within Pumping aggregate, which are very important for predicting flow pattern of fluid [3].
Such triangular diagram is convenient as any soil parameter put on in isolines allows judging their variation at any possible ratio of this soil phases or its change (Korolev 1997).
First order impacts of climate change, such as changes in temperature or precipitation, are often mapped using bands of color between isolines that depict areas of equal change in temperature or precipitation (isallotherm and isallohyet mapping, respectively).