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Briefly, rats were anaesthetized with 2% isofluorane and given 0.05 mg/kg of buprenorphine analgesic preoperatively via subcutaneous injection.
Briefly, mice were anesthetized by isofluorane inhalation (Aldrich, Milwaukee, WI, USA) before they were decapitated (the experimental procedure was approved by the Ethical Committee of the University of Pavia; Regulation of the Italian Ministry of Sanity, number 68/97-A).
The animals were maintained on surgical anesthesia throughout the entire measurement study with isofluorane. Briefly, the right femoral artery was exposed, and indwelling 24 G catheters (Introcan Safety[R] G24, B/Braun) were inserted and fixed with 4/0 silk ligatures, taking caution not to twist the vessels.
The dog was prepared for endoscopic examination of respiratory tract and anaesthetized with Isofluorane gas anaesthesia and Inj.
Under anesthesia (ketamine, 100 mg/kg, Acepromazine, 3 mg/kg, IP, or 5% isofluorane), mice were placed in the supine position and the trachea was intubated with a 22-gauge Angiocath over a blunt introducer.
After 15 minutes, the patients were induced intravenously with 5mg [kg.sup.-1] of propofol (Propovan, Cristalia, Brazil), subsequently intubated and maintained under inhalant anesthesia with isofluorane (Isoforine, Cristalia, Brazil).
Mice were anesthetized under 3% isofluorane (Baxter Corp., Deerfield, IL) and imaged with the in vivo imaging system 200 Series Imaging System (Xenogen Corporation, Hopkinton, MA).
To prepare for image acquisition, animals were anesthetized by inhalation with isofluorane and the radiopharmaceutical was injected through the lateral tail vein.
Briefly, mice were anesthetized with isofluorane and a midline abdominal incision was made.
(anesthe * or anaesthe * or isofluorane or isofluran * or Aerrane or Ethane or Forane or Forene or CO2 or carbon dioxide)
Animals were anesthetized with isofluorane and maintained on anesthetic during the DXA scan using a hose extension.
La hipertermia maligna es un estado hipermetabolico del musculo esqueletico por una deficiencia de la 1,4,5 trifosfato inositol fosfatasa, de caracter genetico familiar, y que tipicamente produce hipercontractibilidad muscular en presencia de potentes agentes anestesicos halogenados de inhalacion--como halotano, isofluorane, sevofluorane y desfluorane--y relajantes musculares despolarizan tes--como succinilcolina--, pero no con neurolepticos.