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a line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height

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This thermohaline shelf-break front (Martos & Piccolo, 1988) is produced by the encounter of the subantarctic shelf waters and the cooler and more saline waters of the Malvinas current; creating a permanent feature that characterizes the border of the Argentinean shelf with the inner boundary laying between the 90- and 100-m isobaths.
Here we discuss each species' use of Florida's Atlantic waters and highlight the trends in size class occurrence relative to the 200 m isobath.
14) For example, China has published a map of the South China Sea depicting a tongue-shaped, dashed boundary line that generally follows the 200-meter isobath, considered a traditional sea boundary line by the Chinese.
With the isobath line as the outer and the coastline as the inner boundary, the area of each polygon ([m.
It must, however, be pointed out that such extended continental shelf (CS) is limited to a maximum of 350 nautical miles from the baselines or 100 nautical miles from the 2,500 metre isobath.
Again, it provides two options: the outer limit shall not exceed 350 nm from the baselines of the coastal state, or extend beyond 100 nm from the 2500 m isobath.
The new large natural gas discoveries along the NWS have occurred toward and beyond the 200-meter isobath (shelf break), requiring the design and construction of long subsea pipelines to deliver the gas back to the coast for processing and export.
100 nautical miles from the 2500 meter isobath, which is a
The morainic sediments approach the shore till the 3-4 m isobath at the Palanga pier, 1 m isobath at the Birute Mount and 6-6.
They are part of the sub-basins identified by their morphostructural anomalies (Onyedim et al, 2004a) and from the basement isobath map determined from aeromagnetic and gravity data (Benkhelil, 1988, 1989).
When a coastal state has more than one 2500-meter isobath, important for applying Article 76(5), (75) which should be used in the calculation of fixed points?
The underwater coastal slope of the northern coast of the Bjorkezund Strait is relatively steep (the 15 m isobath is situated at the distance of 250-300 m from shoreline).
Thus, applying the sediment thickness formula and locating the 2,500 metre isobath line, which rely on acoustic measurement technologies, can lead to errors of the order of tens of kilometres, particularly as errors may also occur in the interpretation of the data gathered.