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a line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height

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This distance roughly corresponds to the 500-m isobath. The flow is stronger and confined to shallower depths during austral summer, while it is weaker but deeper reaching during austral winter (Figs.
Transects were oriented perpendicular to shore in order to sample across isobaths, prevailing currents, and expected gradients in marine mammal density.
In 2007, the aerial team found whales in shelf waters (on the 20 m isobath) on 2 days in late August, but none were found in September.
The simplest model for the inundation described for Spencer Gulf might assume that the inundation occurred close to the fifty-metre isobath that marks the outer edge of the Gulf today.
The authors cover the following modes through comparing and contrasting them: sounding, spot elevation, isobath, contour, hachure, hatch, shaded relief, land classification, figure-ground, stratigraphic column, cross section, line symbol, and conventional sign over the course of the bookAEs ten chapters.
Demarcated by the 30-m isobath, there are 184,439 ha of nearshore habitat in the bight, of which reefs comprised approximately a quarter (26.6%) while the remainder was sand.
This dolphin belongs to the monotypic family Pontoporiidae (McGowen et al., 2009), occurring from south-eastern Brazil (Siciliano, 1994) to northern Patagonia in Argentina, and inhabits coastal-marine waters, from the coast to the 30-m isobath (Crespo et al., 2010).
The Mediterranean continental shelf is narrow, with a 200-metre isobath generally within 10 km of the coast.
The 1000 m isobath, in particular, is also a major drifting depth for Argo floats [1].
This study examines continental shelf sediment chemistry and general meiofauna trends near the 100 m isobath in the northern GOM.
(14) For example, China has published a map of the South China Sea depicting a tongue-shaped, dashed boundary line that generally follows the 200-meter isobath, considered a traditional sea boundary line by the Chinese.
It must, however, be pointed out that such extended continental shelf (CS) is limited to a maximum of 350 nautical miles from the baselines or 100 nautical miles from the 2,500 metre isobath. (14) Two technical and rather complicated methods are provided for establishing the outer limits of such extended CS known as the Irish formula or 1% sediment thickness option and the Hedberg formula or FOS + 60 nautical miles.