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an adherent of Ismailism


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Advertising would end such speculation, but, alas, no one is prepared to fork out for advertising space in the press or on the Ismailiyya Road.
We scrambled looking at hotel conference rooms, museums and theaters, and were thrilled to be offered the century-old Ismailiyya mansion, the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences.
Nevertheless, the institute removed the documentary from the list of films shown at the international film festival for documentaries and fictional work in Ismailiyya, for no explicit reason.
Others, including me, would tie it more closely to the Muslim Brotherhood founded by Hassan al-Banna in Ismailiyya in 1928.
Those who passed on to Mohammed Ibn Ismail formed the nucleus of the Ismailiyya.
Historically, the term batiniyya is a designation for the religious worldview of the Ismailiyya, or Sevener Shia, a worldview that was later integrated into and transformed in Islamic mystical discourses.
We see her dodging bombs to treat patients in Ismailiyya. We hear of the hypocrisy of student leaders, socialist politicians and medical school professors.
But there have been exceptions The 1997 film Ismailiyya Rayih Gayy (Ismailia Back and Forth) broke box office records to become the most successful Egyptian film of all time.
The film Saidi fil Gamaa Al-Amrikiya (An Upper Egyptian at the American University in Cairo) was made entirely as a vehicle for the comic star of Ismailiyya Rayih Gayy, Mohammed Heneidy, to cash in on the phenomenal success of that film.
"Dschabir ibn Hajjan und die Ismailijja." Here Kraus puts forth his well-known theory connecting the corpus of alchemical writings associated with the name of Jabir with the early phases of the Ismailiyya, claiming further that the underlying religious doctrines of the Jabirian texts are as germane to the corpus as are their scientific and technological contents.
'Werl, couldn't you tike me to Ismailiyya, mister?' she inquires.
On February 5, he was brought before a military tribunal in the canal city of Ismailiyya on charges of "illicitly infiltrating across Egypt's eastern border." Independent daily Al-Bedeel reported the next day that Hussein's lawyers had been banned from the courtroom and his defense would be conducted by three state-appointed military attorneys.
Maybe the driver and assistants were looking forward to a nice little burn-up on the Ismailiyya road as far as Salam City.