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(Old Testament) the son of Abraham who was cast out after the birth of Isaac

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Isma'il already as petroleum minister working with the Electricity Ministry, has continued to order faster-track work on the power projects.
The tradition goes back to the prophets - Ibrahim and his first son Isma'il alayhis salam (AS: peace be upon them).
Ali's brother Isma'il fled to Gilan; from Gilan, for the next five years, he directed the final stages of a Safawi revolution.
The Kizilbash, who had seen in Isma'il the manifestation of God through al-Mahdi, began to show clearly that, although they preserved the outward forms, they considered the WuF concept a sham: Isla'il began to appear that he was a mere mortal and no longer infallible; they began to realise it all was a mere myth.
Brian Catlos uses such evocative stories to illustrate five complex, interreligious cultures of the medieval Mediterranean, often using exemplary figures as anchors: eleventh-century Spain through the figures of El Cid and the Jewish wazir, poet, and warrior Isma'il ibn Naghrilla (also known as Shmuel ha-Nagid); twelfth-century Sicily through the eunuch admiral Philip of Mahdia; the Fatimid Caliphate through the Armenian wazir Vahram; and the Frankish Kingdom of Jerusalem through the adventurer Reynaud de Chastillon.
The British delegation was composed of DfID Representative - Gulf States Jessica Ervin, UK ambassador to Qatar Ayjay Sharma, Secretary for Politics, Economics, and Energy at the British Embassy in Qatar Yousef Isma'il, and Secretary of the British DfID Ollie Sharp.
"Remember We made the House a place of assembly for men and a place of safety; and take ye the station of Abraham as a place of prayer; and We covenanted with Abraham and Isma'il, that they should sanctify My House for those who compass it round, or use it as a retreat, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein in prayer).
Moin deftly lays out the emerging models and differential claims of Isma'il I and Babur and how those inceptionary images shaped each dynasty's subsequent elaborations, manipulations, and problems with sacred kingship (pp.
The translator's brief note on her life quotes her own words, stating how her education took shape: "My education and development, my spiritual effacement and purification, occurred by the helping hand of the sultan of the saints of his time, the crown of the pure friends of his age, the beauty of truth and religion, the venerable master, father of the spiritual axes, the axis of existence, Isma'il al-Hawwari, may God sanctify his heart and be pleased with him, and then by the helping hand of his successor in spiritual states and stations, and in spiritual proximity and union, Muhyi al-Din Yahya al-'Urmawi, may God continue to spread his ever-growing spiritual blessings throughout his lifetime, and join us every moment to his blessings and succor" (p.
Ismail Ismail, or Isma'Il Isma'il), Finance Minister.
Another civilian, Ahmed Isma'il, was injured during an attack launched on the Abu Tawila checkpoint in Sheikh Zuweid located along the Rafah/Al-Arish International Road.
After three brutal prison terms, the group's lead spokesman, the bold Isma'il al-Shaykh remains a believer in the principles of socialism, although the Egyptian state has forfeited his loyalty: "We had no real socialism in our life.
'We have delivered enough medicines and dressing materials for them to treat 1,000 people for three months,' said ICRC medical delegate Dr Na'im Isma'il.
Ansar Al-Suna's leader Isma'il Osman Al-Mahi said during Friday prayer sermon at the mosque of the group's headquarters in Al-Sajana area in Khartoum that the government should give up its plans to terminate fuel subsidies.
Edward Gibbs, Senior Director and Head of Sotheby's Middle East and India Department, said, "An Illustrated and Illuminated Leaf from the Shah Isma'il II Shahnameh sold in today's auction for considerably above its pre-sale estimate.