islets of Langerhans

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cell clusters in the pancreas that form the endocrine part of that organ

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It means that the by [beta]-cell of the pancreatic islet of Langerhans worked hard to secrete the insulin, unfortunately it failed to proceed the intact proinsulin well, so the secretory granule of the [beta]-cell secreted the intact proinsulin in higher level to the plasma.
KEY WORDS: bisphenol A, diabetes, endocrine disruptors, estrogen, gestational diabetes, islet of Langerhans, pregnancy, xenoestrogens.
Since 1977, the University of Minnesota has been using various techniques to isolate and process patients' islet of Langerhans cells from their diseased pancreases and transplant them back into the patients following pancreatectomy.
This procedure involves transplanting whole islet of Langerhans from the pancreas obtained from deceased donors (i.
Nesidioblastosis, islet cell hyperplasia, and adenomatosis in a case of metastasizing insulinoma: contribution to the genesis of the islet of Langerhans.