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This makes him an ally of the Pakistani state, which for years has portrayed Hindu-majority India as an existential threat to Islamic Pakistan.
Consumption of alcohol by Muslims in Islamic Pakistan is strictly banned.
It was the largest migration since the 1947 partition of the subcontinent into mainly Hindu India and Islamic Pakistan.
Globally, he said, conflicts are generally viewed "in terms of religion," but he added that politics is usually at the root of most disputes, alluding to long-standing differences between Hindu India and Islamic Pakistan.
Nehru did not want his birthplace surrendered to Islamic Pakistan, so Pakistanis believe.
India accuses mostly Islamic Pakistan of materially aiding the rebels.
The separatists have been fighting in Jammu-Kashmir state to break away from Hindu-majority India and join Islamic Pakistan.
The Islamic militants have been demanding a separate Muslim state or its alignment with Islamic Pakistan.
But India is insisting that Pakistan end cross-border terrorism by Muslim militants who want Kashmir either to gain independence or to be merged with Islamic Pakistan.
Muslim militant secessionists have been demanding either outright independence for the Himalayan state or union with Islamic Pakistan.
An insurrection broke out in 1989 in Kashmir, with guerrillas demanding that the Himalayan territory become independent or merge with Islamic Pakistan.
Racial hatred had boiled over as millions of Muslims sought to relocate to Islamic Pakistan whilst the Hindu minority in the north, fearful of living under Muslim rule, came south into India.
The minister said the JI, his party had been launching a campaign for corruption free, Khushal and Islamic Pakistan and youth should play their active role in this regard.
Addressing the Ijtema of the Islami Jamiat e Talibat at Mansoora on Saturday, he said that an Islamic Pakistan alone could bring prosperity to the country.
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