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Masoom said that Islam introduced veil just because of women are precious in its code and Islam also direct men to lower their eyes.
Maryam was of the view that teachings of Islam have impressive messages which molded her towards Islam.
Alloush further said in his statement that he will not use his organizational name Islam Alloush, adding that he wants to be called Majdi Mustafa Ne'ama.
Because Islam is the source of growth for humankind.
Over the centuries sectarian divisions have arisen in Islam along with ethnic and cultural divisions.
What is striking in these approaches is that Islam is detached from its genuine context and exploited for other goals and policies.
Historically, Sunni Islam relies on the majority view, so it rejects the authority of singled-out actors or groups.
They are also equipped with all possible publications, CDs, cassettes, and booklets on Islam in different languages and in an easy, attractive and persuasive way.
As the author notes much of the confusion arises from the fact that Islamists insist that Islamism is Islam.
Many of the adherents of radical interpretations sincerely believe that the religion they espouse is true Islam.
Abu Islam previously appeared in a video broadcast by the Umma TV channel, where he tore the Bible apart while participating in a protest in front of the US embassy in Cairo in reacti onto the "Innocence of Muslims" film.
Muslim thinkers like Ahmad Khan, Fazlur Rahman, Ali Sharyati, Abdullah Ahmad Naim, Hasan Hanafi, Muhammad Abed al-Jabiri, Muhammad Arkoun, Abdul Karim Soroush, Fatima Mernesi, Aminah Wadud, Nawal Sa'dawi, Rifa'at Hasan, Ali Abd al-Raziq (Ahmad Zaki 2005), Farid Esack (NurFarhana 2010), Nurcholis Madjid, Harun Nasution, Ahmad Wahib, Lutfi al-Syaukani, Ulil Abshar, Djohan Efendi (Muslim 2005) and many more have been usually related to the development of Liberal Islam.
Talking on the difference between Islam Judicial system and the modern system he said the difference is the source from which both have originated.
Summary: Riyadh - Seven women, including a US nurse, have adopted Islam on Sunday night at the cooperative office for Da'wah and Guidance in Riyadh, the official Middle East News Agency reported.
MUSCAT: Omar Salcedo Penalber, the internationally renowned orator and expert on Islam from the Philippines, will begin his series of lectures on Islam at A the lecture hall of Sultan Qaboos Grand mosque at 8.