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(Old Testament) the son of Abraham who was cast out after the birth of Isaac

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Ventures among the Arabs in Desert, Tent, and Town: Thirteen Years of Pioneer Missionary Life with the Ishmaelites of Moab, Edom and Arabia.
By doing so, the projected end of the Islamic domination in Spain was to become not only a local event concerning those Christian Spaniards suffering under the 'yoke of the Ishmaelites', but rather part of the meaningful trope of the rise and fall of empires, in this case Islamic, the fall of which would happen to begin in Iberia.
Before becoming vizier of Egypt, (10) Joseph is sold by his brothers into slavery to a caravan of Ishmaelites on camels (37:25-27).
(21) Abraham as father has to be shared with Arabs of the whole region in the east and south who called themselves Ishmaelites since the 4th century B.C.
Flanders uses the Bible to describe Fijians to make a different point, arguing that: 'The natives of the Feejee Islands have, heretofore, been regarded as the Ishmaelites of the South Pacific Ocean, who would never endure the discipline of civilization, and who, if ever converted to Christianity, would be the last brought into the kingdom of heaven' (Wallis 1986).
The negative memory of warring Muslims is further exacerbated by the image of the Ishmaelites, as Muslims were referred to by Jews.
"The obedient of God"--the term by which Jethro identifies his people--is a literal rendering of the Arabic word "Muslim." Jethro and the Midianites are thus identified as Ishmaelites, the monotheistic descendants of Ishmael, the son of Abraham.
A 10th grade female student in the study expressed revulsion towards "these Ishmaelites", referring to the original Palestinians who are supposedly Israeli citizens.
Arabs are sometimes referred to as Ishmaelites and of course the descendents of Isaac, through his son Jacob and Jacob's twelve sons, are referred to as Israelites.
One superbly ironic passage details how the author, at age 9, became entranced by Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and began singing along with the cast recording at home, visualizing herself as Joseph, kidnapped by the "hairy Ishmaelites."
Hagar and the Ishmaelites); boys marry at 14 and girls at 12--all to ensure the continuity of households.
Fed up with his dreaming, they decide to fake his death to cover him being sold to the Ishmaelites and into Egyptian slavery.
Among the topics are John of Damascus and The Heresy of the Ishmaelites, extracts from al-Tabari's The Book of Religion and Empire, Luther's knowledge of and attitude towards Islam, Jesus and Mary as poetical images in Rumi's verse, and American Evangelical discourse on Islam after 9/11.