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(Old Testament) the son of Abraham who was cast out after the birth of Isaac

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Before becoming vizier of Egypt, (10) Joseph is sold by his brothers into slavery to a caravan of Ishmaelites on camels (37:25-27).
In a strict chronological order, the poet sets off by envisioning the biblical camels of the Ishmaelites, the prophet Ishmail's offspring (also known as Arabs), trampling the desert on their way to Egypt.
What we find instead is a Melville who "played" with the idea of Leviathan, sympathized with modern Arab "Ishmaelites," opposed continental expansion, and was a feminist avant la lettre--in short, a Melville who had all the bonafides of a modern literary academic.
This hospitable Ishmaelite welcomes the family with lavish hospitality and invites them to sleep well while they are in the care of his family.
Rivalries over land had caused friction between the surrounding Ishmaelite peoples and Israel in biblical times, but each time it was overcome.
Early, Hendersonville, N.C., July 29, 1885, MsslEa 765B, 46-47, Early Papers, Virginia Historical Society, [city?]; quotation from the Sparta (Ga.) Ishmaelite, Wilstach "Death of General U.
I must mention another example full of lessons for analysis of Judaism's acknowledged uniqueness in this common arena: this is the Ishmaelite community, reactivated in the 19th century under the British protectorate in India with an Imamate.
And often he on whom it cast its magic finds no heart to dissolve the spell, and remains a wanderer and an Ishmaelite to the hour of his death."
"A Perfect Ishmaelite: General 'Baldy' Smith." Civil War Times illustrated, December 1976.
Hazlitt terms Cobbett an "Ishmaelite indeed without a fellow" (8.55), referring to Abraham's oldest son, whose "hand [was] against every man" (Genesis 16:12).
When talking about the Boone family in The Golden Book, Lindsay, who acts as our narrator/guide to Springfield in 2018, says, "there is a touch of the uncanny, the restless, the Ishmaelite about all these Boones, they have no business in the streets of a town.
The "Ishmaelite" army, as described in the story--Arabs, Egyptians, Mamluks "who are the soldiers of the Sultan, King of Egypt"--reinforces this impression.
In a sly proleptic wink at the novel's conclusive Zionism, Eliot explains that this possession of dispossession is by no means a sufficient condition for sympathy, for such a sense in an introverted personality would produce only an "Ishmaelite." But in the "rarer sort" like Daniel, "the inexorable sorrow takes the form of fellowship" (1:262).
When the market for lumber shrank and the lumber industry entered a depression in 1921 (several Hancock County lumber mills closed in May), the ensuing layoffs had a drastic impact upon a work force already strapped by the collapse of the cotton market (Sparta Ishmaelite 13 May 1921:1).
(36) For Michael Rogin, Isabel operates as "the Ishmaelite half of the legitimate Glendinning son." Rogin, pp.