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(Old Testament) the son of Abraham who was cast out after the birth of Isaac

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For those without their literary sea legs, Ishmael survives the wrecking of whaling vessel Pequod at the end of the book after Captain Ahab leads his men in a doomed attempt to kill the enormous white whale, Moby Dick - cue the action of Nantucket.
Ishmael also described the children as 'very talented.
Part of the Flowerpot Press '10 Minute Classics' series, this timeless tale of a man called Ishmael who joins the crew of an ultimately doomed whaling ship called the Pequod.
Ishmael received his medical degree in Nigeria, Africa in his twenties.
Ishmael under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).
Jessica and Aaron Ishmael hold a nearly 50-50% share of the company.
Priod annwyl y diweddar Owen, mam a mam yng nghyfraith ofalus Dyfnallt a Delyth a Gwynedd a Fiona, nain falch a charedig Rhys, Lowri, Harri, Betsan a Lewis, chwaer annwyl John a chwaer yng nghyfraith feddylgar Einir, Gwilym a'r diweddar Morfudd ac Ishmael.
DAVID WAGNER praised Ishmael Miller for his contribution at both ends of the pitch during the second half against Rotherham United.
Huddersfield 2 Rotherham 0 FORGOTTEN striker Ishmael Miller scored his first goal in eight months - and won high praise from new boss David Wagner.
Ishmael leaves a ravaged Earth to be indentured, in order to earn money to send back to his foster family.
While the enmity between Ishmael and Isaac is often considered proverbial, Bakhos is at pains to explain "neither the Qur'an nor the Bible portrays them as rivals.
As the story opens, the narrator is unnamed, though he identifies himself in one brief passage as Ishmael, a point that will be discussed at greater length toward the end of this article.
Paralelo ao relato de Ishmael sobre Ahab e sua perseguigao obsessiva a baleia branca, ha, em Moby Dick (1851), de Herman Melville, um impulso narrativo que, nao raro, suspende a linearidade dos eventos para, sob um ponto de vista supostamente cientifico, oferecer "[.
However, this period of semi-autonomy was short-lived as Gedaliah was assassinated by Ishmael son of Nethaniah, a fellow Judean, whom Baalis king of Ammon had sent to kill him.
He sent Ishmael and his mother Hagar off to the desert, presumably to die, because Sarah wanted Hagar gone.