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one of the three sections of the hipbone

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Angle 1 is the ischiatic arch (ventral brim of the ischium), angle 2 is the inside of the lesser sciatic notch, and angle 3 is the pelvic brim.
We then sighted perpendicular to the plane created by the pubic symphysis with the vertex at the intersection of the ischiatic arch and pubic symphysis (Fig.
revealed that the penile artery divided into the deep artery of the penis at the level of the ischiatic arch [10].
Ischiatic process short, convex, and with two pointed small apophyses.
For permanent urethrostomy a 8 cm skin incision was created on the perineal raphe starting about 7-8 cm below the anus, ending at the level of the ischiatic arch.
Origin and distribution of the ischiatic nerves in goats of the Saanen breed.
Left leg paresis, presumably due to compression of the kidney and ischiatic nerve roots secondary to the distended ventriculus, reported in the gyrfalcon was not observed in any of the raptors in this report.
SUMMARY: The ischiatic artery classically described as a branch of the inferior gluteal artery, is a long and thin vessel that is related to the ischiatic nerve.
In the crane, the route of metastasis was the portal circulation through the ischiatic vein, caudal mesenteric vein, and both the renal-portal shunt and hepatic portal vein.
In order to obtain their biometric records, the landmark points employed here were arranged from the distal part of the ischiatic tuberosity (IT) followed by an imaginary transversal line deployed over the most prominent parts of the femoral epicondyles.
Hind limb paresis or paralysis is a typical presenting complaint in birds with ovarian tumors, because such tumors can press on the ischiatic nerve or result in lumbar pain.
In order to improve anatomical and biometrical knowledge on these subjects, we explore in this work, the semitendinous muscle innervation and also their origin and disposition, which ate associated to the ischiatic tuberosity (IT), we also referred to their length, division on their principal branches, as well as the localization of their motor points related to the IT.
The standard left and right lateral approaches (43,44) lead to the visualization of the vessels supplying the abdominal organs in the abdominal air sacs, such as the abdominal aorta, iliac arteries, mesenteric artery, renal arteries, the caudal vena cava, and the ischiatic veins (Fig 8).
The tibial and fibular nerves are branches of the ischiatic nerve and course along the lateral aspect of the stifle joint and proximal portion of the tibiotarsus and fibula.
The first clinical sign observed in this bird was paresis, presumably because of pressure of the mass on the kidney and ischiatic nerve roots.